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I think I'll call this year the year of "Domesticity and Intense Emotional Pain". As if that couldn't be the subtitle on my writing most years.

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Wow, this is a lot longer than several of the stories I posted this year.

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I started keeping a posting log to try and make sorting through the data easier, and the result is just crazy. I include last year's yuletide and other anon stories in this, but not this year's yuletide, anon holiday stories, or my zine story; I have been using the year a story was published under my name as my cut-off year, so I am sticking with it.

This is the link to last year's review, for those that want to compare. In summary, my 2006 resolutions were:

1. I'd like to write a Novella next year, something over 20K words. --Done.
2. Still working on putting all finished stories, including drabbles, on my website. --Done.
3. Try not to let the challenge stories distract me from some of the other things that I want to write. --Try again. I wrote more challenge stories this year than I ever had, and fewer of 'my' stories.
4. finish desert prince. --Try again later.

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This was the year of the anonymous story post for me, with half of the storys (10 of them) being first posted without my name on them. (2 for yuletide, and 8 for [livejournal.com profile] atlantis_lvw.) Of the other stories, 7 came about from challenges, and only 3 were independent stories (Desert Prince; Locusts and Wild Honey; and Winter Discontent--which was started for a challenge, and finished later.) I blame that last fact for my feeling of disconnection from the fandom at large; I spent so much time writing for a specific individual or for a specific challenge that I didn't get enough 'me' time. I love the stories I wrote, and certainly, writing to spec with deadlines helped me finish a lot of stuff, but I didn't get to play with details as much as I like.

I think the stories for next year will be fewer, as I am going to limit the number of challenges I sign up for. I am hoping this gives more of a chance for me to play and get tired of what I am writing before kicking it out of the door, instead of feeling like I am on a treadmill trying to turn something out that meets the criteria and moving on to the next. I need some time between stories to catch my breath.

With that in mind, here are next year's resolutions:

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As seen on [livejournal.com profile] maygra's LJ. Stories listed are the first ones of the month they were posted to my LJ, and I included no collaborations.

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I have never been as prolific a writer as I was this year. When I look at my goals from last year -- 6 completed stories, 1 of them over 6000 words -- I had no idea I was being so easy on myself. That felt like a pretty good year. I made a resolution to join a challenge, finish off a WIP, and work on joining into fandom a bit more, instead of sitting by the sidelines.

Then SGA ate my brain. At the time I was working on this meme last year, I though maybe I'd glom onto House fandom, but, uh, yeah. The end result is that I wrote 50+ stories, chapters, and drabbles, including last year's yuletide but excluding this year's yuletide and sga_santa. That is a lot for me. Seriously. When did I become prolific?

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