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 I have one more thing I think I need to fix, and then yuletide will be done.  As usual, I am insecure and will find someone to do a final proofing pass, but Gwyn has already given me great comments on the structure and characterization. I think the story is a lot stronger now than it was when she saw it.  If I weren't so exhausted, I would finish that one thing tonight, but as it is, It will need to wait until tomorrow.  I still have three days left.

In other news, we are having Christmas-y holiday stuff at work.  It was the cookie competition today, and I was so concerned about not enough people submitting stuff that I made eggnog sugar cookies from a mix last night, not putting much effort into it at all.  

So, yeah, you guessed it. I won. 

Don't tell anyone, okay? 
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Ride Length: 4.1 miles
Elevation: 0 (on trainer)
Where: Inside the house
Start Time: 7:30
End Time: 8:00
How long: 30 minutes
Avg speed: 8.2 mph

An tiny smidgeon faster today than Monday, so go me on that hair's width improvement. *g* Starting to work on my training plan now, so I'll probably stop the weekday reporting in a bit. It's encouraging to see it posted at the moment and remind myself that yes, I did get some biking done.

I owe responses to comments, yuletide and sga santa reveal and such. I hope to get to those this weekend, but work is still eating my life. The deployment didn't go last week, no matter how hard we pushed, it just didn't come together. The plan is for it to go this Friday, so we'll have to see how it works out. It's a mystery!
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Every quarter the company picks a charity to support, based on submissions from the employees. This October it was Northwest Hope and Healing, which I insensitively think of as "the one that gives out the 'welcome to cancer, sorry it sucks' baskets". (Understand that I loved my basket with all of the little goodies in it -- the lotion, the chap stick, the little journal, etc. It gave me a lot of comfort.) In addition to the baskets, the group also helps pay non-medical bills -- food, rent, electricity and so on -- for women going through breast cancer treatment. So I signed up to help. I donated a bunch of body lotions, hand sanitizer, and shower gels (as I have a hoarder's urge to buy tiny bottles of that kind of smelly stuff) plus I helped assemble about 100 gift baskets. (The company as a whole donated about 6K in money plus the stuff for the baskets. Go team!)

Everyone that participated either with donations or in assembling the baskets got put into a drawing for a kindle fire. You see where this is going, right?

Yeah, you got it. I freakin' WON! I won a kindle fire! I am massively excited. I have no idea where I am in the queue, but I am hoping by the end of the month. Wooo!
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I have been contracting off and on for the past 5 years, and I have just accepted a perm position. This contract was supposed to run out at the beginning of may, so I had 4 weeks left; technically I only have to give a 2 weeks notice, so I'm thinking I can start the new job in 3 weeks. The only problem is that the transition of my old job will be 'hey new guy, here's my stuff, bye!' so it kind of leaves them in a lurch as those last 2 weeks would have been my transition time.

Should I stress it or not? It really is only 2 weeks.
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Tomorrow is the last day for one of the contractors, and I'm really excited. Not because we're going out to lunch, but because I get his tabletop of a desk (which faces a wall and is on an aisle so everyone can stare over my shoulder as they walk past.) Even though it's a crap location, I will be out of the set of 4 cubicles that contains one of the big bosses of the group. *That* is what is thrilling me. I'm hoping I'll finally be able to breathe.
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I am in my last week at work, and counting down the days until my contract is over. Unfortunately, this also means I have a ton of stuff to do, as everyone only now realized that "crap, she's gone friday and she's the only one who knows how to do this."

This week I got a new office mate, who happens to be very talkative. Very. Talkative. He's a nice guy and all, but I am working under a deadline here, and I really don't have time to talk about the history of the girl scouts.

Add to that the fact that I am taking time off mid-afternoon every day for radiation treatment, and that the treatment is starting to leave me really tired and low energy, and it's a recipe for stress. But there's only so much I can do in a day, so I just have to let it go and tell myself it's not gonna get done.

Three days of work left and fourteen days of radiation. I am so looking forward to having some time off and being done. Maybe then I can write my pickfor1K story, post old work to A03, and answer my yuletide comments.

Job News

Nov. 19th, 2008 06:58 pm
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Thanks for all the good thoughts, everyone. I got word back from the recruiter about the one position I was very hopeful about, and unfortunately the company has decided to re-org the group, and that position is gone. I also got email back from a second recruiter about a different spot at a completely different company--and that one's been put on hold too. So I'm back to betwixt and between, and I'll need to regroup, but it is what it is at the moment. I can salve my ego with the thought that if there was a position, they would hire me, but I'm still rather annoyed.
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The interview for a contract spot went well today, in my opinion. I didn't feel like I blew it, and I do think I am a great match for the slot. So think good things about me, and I should know in the next day. It would be nice to be working again.

Note: Need a middleman work icon.
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The project of long frustration is taken another little break to let the IT guys work on fixing things, so that means no testing for the next three days--so I don't have to get up at 5 am tomorrow, yay! I may sleep in 'till 6, and I am very excited about that.

I didn't work out the last couple of days, and I'm going to try to fit in something tomorrow, but given how tomorrow's valentine's day, I don't know how that will go. I guess I'll just have to see.

I'd also like to write again, but I've been blowing that off because the job has left me so zapped. Hopefully getting regular hours will put me on an even keel again, and I'll feel more like writing at night. Early morning or late evening usually works for me, but I've been cutting myself a lot of slack lately, as I have been too tired to stay up past nine. I'm thinking a 9:30 bedtime tonight, which should give me a chance to pull a file open.

In fact, why don't I do that right now...?

ETA: 110 words! I am so going to bed.
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I decided not to work out tonight as my legs are still achy from the weight training session yesterday, plus last week's tizzy was explained in part as PMS. I had to go in to work early this morning, and earlier tomorrow, so my whole body is pulling a 'wow, you never let us slack anymore' pity party for itself. And this time, I think I'm giving in. At the moment, sitting on the stationary cycle does not sound really appealing.

My cold is pretty much cleared up, though, so that's a yay. One of the other members of my team was knocking back the zinc lozenges and sounding the way I sounded last Friday, so at least I know where I picked my cold up.

I'm very stressed over having a bunch of stuff to do: I still haven't made arrangements for Son's birthday party, and I have a bunch of commitments due in the next couple of weeks. Fun stuff like a haircut and pedicure, or helping usher at the community theater, but still, there's a ton of little things on top of the intensive work environment. Maybe I'll just have to cut myself some more slack, and say roll with it, and let myself off the hook until work calms down a month from now.

::snorts:: Yeah, it could happen.
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Hiya! On Monday, I changed projects at work, and things have been crazy as I try to ramp up and get familiar with the new systems while still babysitting the old ones. We're bringing in someone to replace me on the old stuff, but until then, I'm doing double project work. I'm a bit miffed that I finally got a new cubicle that I like in a building that I could easily bike to from home, only now I am back in the dungeon of Building D with a 20-some mile round trip. The new-old commute really isn't as feasible as the commute to the old-new one, and I have to be on-site a lot more than I did on my old project. There are fixed meeting that I have to attend in person, plus an actual lab I have to go to in order to be able to access the software, and just...argh. It is cutting into my slacker time a whole lot.

In fact, so much so that I'm not sure if I will be doing yuletide this year. I may have to drop the multiplicity of seasonal challenges I've done the last couple of years and only pick one to focus on, as I am just not sure I'll have time to write. I haven't done that well with the editing on the novel--I hit page thirty and stopped like I hit a brick wall--and I just don't know if I'll have time to write once this project really gets going. There's some overtime associated with it, and I can't predict how it will affect me, so I'm fretting about that.

Oh, and huge apologies to the people who have emailed me or commented on one of my stories to whom I have not yet responded. I'm going to try and catch up on some this weekend, and sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Same with the fic recs that I owe for [livejournal.com profile] stargateficrec too.

To the good, we got the letter from the state saying that Ev has passed his WASLs! He hit the 75% mark on everything, including the writing, which is just awesome. He did have a scribe for it, but he still had to type up his answers, and the scribe then re-copied everything (including typos) to the official forms. He has to take them again in 9th grade, and if he passes those, then he's done. I'm really hoping that will be the end of it, as these things are incredibly stressful.

I have been using my free two week pass to Gold's Gym this week, which has been fun. I took a pilates class that just killed me. As I was leaving, I overheard a couple of women talking about how "this was the most intense pilates class I have ever taken", which made me feel good. My hamstrings and glutes still hate me for taking the class.


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