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It has been a hell of a week, but I think I am back home for awhile now. I'm exhausted, and planning on skipping the backlog of journal entries, unless someone points something in particular out. I also wanted to thank everyone who posted on my last journal entry, as I will probably not write back, but I wanted to let you know that your kind thoughts are very appreciated. Hugs to you all, and it's good to be back.
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As with any big holiday, there were a few hiccups. I woke in a grumbly mood, and it took more than my first cup of tea to really wake me up. While I was in my not-awake state, I put the back-up cinnamon rolls (yes, the pillsbury ones) in to bake for an easy treat. Only I must have set the timer for too long and didn't notice; with the cat sitting on my lap, I sort of forgot to check on them and they ended up on the lighter side of burned. Which left fewer to eat, and required a liberal dose of frosting to cover up.

At that point, my dad called, and peppered me with questions on how to make my mom's creamed onions. It was a dish that she may have invented, and she took it to every family gathering: easter, Christmas, and thanksgiving in particular. I knew she had par-boiled the small onions then made a cream sauce, covered the onions with it and baked the whole thing for at least an hour, but I had no idea what the temp was. My dad had asked my mom about it, but she can't remember those details anymore; when my brother tried it, he cooked them for an hour at 400F, but it didn't come out quite right. My dad was going to try steaming the onions, then baking at 375F; I agreed that sounded good, and wished him a happy thanksgiving.

At that point, I proceeded to: burn the some of the sausage for the stuffing and drop a mixing bowl and have it shatter all over the floor.

Lar then suggested I go back to bed and try again.

Once we got the stuffing assembled--with the non-burned sausage--I sorta did that, having the tiny freak out about my mom not being aware anymore, bathed, and dressed. And that was pretty much the last of the cooking that I did for the day. Lar had gotten up early to do the Turkey, sticking it in Alton's brine, and when it was ready, putting it in the oven to roast.

When it came out, I stuck the sausage, dried cranberry, and apple stuffing in while Ev worked on the mashed potatoes (first time responsible for a dish, woo-hoo) with his dad's help. I assembled the green bean casserole, and stuck it in the oven next to the dressing.

Only, there wasn't quite enough room, so a stuck my hand in the oven to shove the stuffing over, forgetting that it had already been in a hot oven for ten minutes. I yelled, my son asked if I was okay, I said "no", put the green beans in the oven in the newly created space, got myself some ice out of the freezer, wrapped my hand up with it, and promptly sat down to play a lot of pandemic until dinner was ready, leaving Lar to make the gravy.

Despite the minor mishaps, everything turned out great. The stuffing was fabulous, the turkey moist and flavorful, the yellow gold mashed potatoes perfect. And the pies for desert were fantastic; I really owe [livejournal.com profile] alexfandra for her chocolate pie filling recipe, as it was 'lick your plate clean' yum for the whole family.

Today, we're taking leftovers down to the MIL, for a second day of feasting. See y'all when I get back.
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I'm home, yay! It was a long week. My Dad was very anxious about the angiograph, but once the doctor got a good look at the veins, there was no blockage, so there was no need for an angioplasty or stent. Instead, as my Dad's heart is operating at 35% (more or less), there will be medication to help its functioning and a longer term process to get him back to better health. Meanwhile, Mom is doing okay in the mornings, but she's very confused at times. She has a corner room at the RCF so she lays in her bed and watches out the windows, or sits in the chair when my Dad comes by to visit; she can't read or follow TV anymore--she gets TV and reality confused--and she sleeps a lot. My brother's family bought her a bird feeder for christmas, so once Dad gets that set up in the tree outside her window, she will have a lot to watch. Hopefully the facility's cat will come by too, to sit on her bed and watch with her, as that's where the birds will be.

I'm still emotionally exhausted, and plan to go work out this morning. Then I'll try to get on-line and work my way through comments and LJ entries, trying to catch up. I missed y'all so much!


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