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This weekend I had my two big Christmas parties (one fannish, and one for my old writing group), and I am not making either of them. I'm a bit bummed about it, so I will probably do a lot of baking: fresh made pizza dough tonight, and some sort of cookies tomorrow. I feel very wimpy at not wanting to drive in the snow, but getting to the grocery store and back was nerve wracking enough, let alone being stuck on the other side of the water if the projected storm arrives.

I think I'll get some holiday music going, and then get started on warm and cheery food. Ohhhh, and maybe a holiday rum-type drink later.
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Ah, man! That sounds fun. Too bad I can't go. I'd love to see them both.
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Tonight was our chance to see the Seattle Children's Theater production of "Night of the Living Dead", and I adored it. It was incredibly funny, in a "Plan 9 from Outer Space" way. During the radio and tv sections of the production, they dropped down a screen and projected images on it to go along with the reporter that was doing the newscast. The images were hysterical at times, like the 3 space chimps set up to coincide with the "NASA scientists" bit. Other bits of humor: Barbara's constant screaming, and just...well, everything. Even the cheesy effects were awesome, like when when the zombies pulled that thin red licorice rope our of one of the corpses and started gnawing on it, or not!yet!zombie!girl's imitation of "the exorcist", or the ending curtain call to "dead man's party", complete with "Thriller" moves.

It was a little scary, and a lot of fun. Go if you have the chance.


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