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I spent much of my Christmas holiday on the road with family, which was absolutely lovely! I'm ready for a rest day though, and has thus spent a little time with yuletide.

Women Who Run with Whywolves is my wonderful Adventure Time! present. Cake's voice is terrific, and I love how Prince Gumball is all science-y -- it's a romp in the genderswap universe. Plus Fionna is my best bud in this series, and she gets to spend some quality adventuring time with Marceline, the wonderfully emo and powerful vampire queen.

Marceline is the focus of several of the Adventure Time stories, and her back story with Simon/the Ice King is mined in most of the stories, at least a little bit, even if Bubblegum is her main squeeze, as in in Proper Names. Princesses All The Way Down is a little more shippy while Remember Me drops Bubblegum and stays with Marceline and the Ice King.

*Whew* That is one hard-working character there.

I also loved the crossover Wish Orbs Are Serious Lumping Business; Or, Donna Meagle Gets a Concussion I know nothing about Parks and Recreation, but I loved the tone of the piece and laughed aloud a couple of times. It's silly and cracked but very easy to follow.

And finally, for a complete change of tone and pace, I adored the "Person of Interest" story, Point of a Pistol. The character voices are spot-on, and the build-up as slow and precise as I could wish for. It's a solid little slash story that instantly made me want to re-read it.
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It's a Leverage rec, Femslash. Fall Stories by [personal profile] thingswithwings

I adored "The Juror #6 Job", and really wanted to see Parker and Peggy get together; this story follows through on that, with brilliant Parker voice, and adds in some Parker/Sophie as well. It's the story I was looking for after I saw the ep, and I really enjoyed it.
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I am a random reader in yuletide, so I started with a plan ("I will read from the 'B' fandoms") which has devolved into "oh! That looks cool! And that's cool! And that!" I have a dozen stories saved to-read on delicious, and have started filling comments in the ones that I have read. I also have swaths of story tabs open on my browser, too.

Better Days: James Bond: Casino Royale (2006) M's voice is just fablous here, despite the story being so short.

I read a lot of Burn Notice yesterday, and thought that most of them had really good character voice for Michael, Sam, and Fi. Lock and Keys was written for me, and I give more details on what I loved about it here.

Wild Turkey Chase also had great character voices, plus nice Fi and Michael relationship. And it was fun.

xkcd is slightly surrealistic, and it was fabulous to read a story that captured that insanity, The Amazing Adventures of Hat Guy and the Girl Who Stole His Hat

There were a couple of stories that I read yesterday that I thought were just plain clever, as I love comparison and contrast. These two stories combine writing styles that are diametrically opposed to the fandom and story that they are telling, and both managed it amazingly well:

Paradise Lost: The overarching story is told in the style of Milton, however, the fandom is LOLcats. It is creepy, sordid and disturbing at the same time that is is clever and funny, all of it rolled into one. It's fabulous, even though mortal eyes were never meant to see anything like it. You may need to avert your eyes as you read.

Out of the Dark is Dr Seuss - One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and it's written in that sweet, child-like rhyming format while telling a creeping, shambling, shuffling horror story that oozes out of the bright shiny happiness of childhood to slaughter everything around it. It's sheer awesomeness in its budding sense of dread, and it's poetical form.

So little time, so many stories to go...
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Woo-hoo! I just found out that I had a second yuletide tread in the archive, The Old Deborah Kerr, which had been one of the treats where the URL got lost for a bit. It's an Ocean's 11 story, and it's Hurt/comfort! With a beaten up Rusty wasting away in prison somewhere, and Danny coming for him, no matter who he has to bribe or piss off in the process. What's really cool about it is what's not on the page; their friendship rests more in what's not said than what is actually mentioned, and I love them for that.

Really, my yuletide cup is overflowing this year. I am one lucky fan to get so many stories and treats for the holidays, and all of them right up my alley.
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I woke up this morning to find two wonderful yuletide presents in my inbox! The Genuine Article is an Oceans's 11 story full of sexy, sultry, seductive goodness. Rusty has invited Danny in on a con, and he's giving Danny a chance to do a look-over of the mark. Or is that a look over of Rusty, humm? A hot yet sophisticated PWP, with great character voices. Just ::fans self:: yum. Shoo. Go read.

And a treat for me! Summer's evenings is a drabble-ish snippet of when Lark decides to persue Rosethorn long before the Circle of Magic series begins. I've always been fascinated by the two women running Discipline Cottage, and how the blunt green magic mage Rosethorn got involved with her former acrobat and stitch witch partner Lark. We only get hints of their relationship in canon, and heck, background character femslash? So me. So I was thrilled to get a little glimpse into their lives.
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Over the weekend, [livejournal.com profile] sherrold posted Subtle Hazards which is a very cool little AU about Teen!Rodney undergoing "Reliance Week", and what that process does to John. It's different, and fascinating. So go check it out.

Oh, and for something a little sadder, check out boomerrang by [livejournal.com profile] kriadydragon. Gen friendship and no happy ending, for my friends that like that.
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The results are in! And [livejournal.com profile] team_angst squeaked by with a very narrow win. There were some incredible stories in the match on both sides of the angst-and-romance divide. There were some peanut butter-and-chocolate stories, too, with little bits of both teams mixed up for much tasty goodness.

My rec list of stories is here, and I have a few more left to read, too, so I will keep adding to it.

Trends! I can't leave a post without mentioning some of the trends I noticed:

1) Lots of stories with an established couple 'feel' to them, even when it was a first time story. I'm going to lay this at the feet of external situations holding the tension, rather than it being internal to the relationship. Sort of classic Hurt/comfort, other than the fact that it's not gen. (For example, Acidimia, where the tension is John-as-runner and will they be able to save him)

2) Horror! My god, there was so much great horror in this fest. It really made me happy, and I expect to see some of these recc'd again around Halloween.

3) AUs. Lots and lots of AUs, from the experimental like Life (sometimes it washes over me) to the more traditional such as Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

4) Not to mention the ever popular "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." *g*

Thanks to both [livejournal.com profile] trobadora and [livejournal.com profile] fluffyllama for organizing this, and team captains [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone and [livejournal.com profile] lamardeuse. I had a blast writing for team angst this year, and really enjoyed being a part of [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match. I'm looking forward to next year's battle. Maybe I'll try to join up with team romance.
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It was a slow day at work, which made it a great day for reading Written by the Victors, as I had no officemates today. Normally I am behind in reading a story, and all of the squee! and discussion has bypassed me by the time I get to it, so it felt great to be able to read something and know what other people were talking about. It happens so seldom.

I also trimmed back my reading list and my friends list, mostly eliminating those people that seemed to have moved off of LJ to elsewhere. I'm close to my max comfort level with what I can keep up with in LJ.

One last reminder: the final stories for [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match are to be posted this weekend, so if you can get over their and read the angst stories, that would be awesome.

One final thing of note: skullcrusher mountain WOW vid )
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I was hoping to keep up and rec a few more of these stories, but that was never really in the cards, was it? I have a tag for the stories on my rec listing, and you can access it here:


I'll update that as I read along, but it's unlikely that I will finish reading them all before the match comes to an end. I have added a couple of the Team Angst stories to the list recently:

Homunculus, which is a nifty horror story with a nice slow reveal. It's one of my favorite genres, the 'alien with my friend's face', which I don't see a lot of, so you may need to take it with a grain of salt.

Paschal's Lamb, which is an intense psychological thriller about the aftermath of a mission gone wrong. Very clean and sharp, it dragged me in quickly and really kept my attention.

I do have a problem with romance at times, as occasionally, the whole 'I have never felt this way before in my life' thing can make me roll my eyes, but I have found some Team Romance stories that I have added to my rec list as well.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is very much a 1950's Cary grant movie, ala It Takes A Thief The AU has John as a high-class thief specializing in industrial espionage, who is contacted to steal the work of Dr. Rodney McKay, and ends up falling in love. A little angst, a lot of adventure and some hurt/comfort all play out against a gorgeous Parisian setting.

The One With The Staplers It's like SGA meets the office. John is the receptionist of a large software firm, but it's really the in-jokes that make it. Or at least, it seems that way, right? Very clever in tone and execution, I am afraid of giving too much away. Go read it and see what you think.

Ah! That reminds me. [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match is a game, and part of the fun is when other people play. There's a poll at the bottom of each story post, so please fill it out when you finish the story. Plus ll the stories are 'author unknown' right now, so you can also have some fun playing with that on the various 'guess the author' posts. The clock is ticking, and I think we're over halfway through the posting, so go read a few and make some guesses. It's all for fun.

Just remember to vote for Team Angst first.
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Today is my last vacation day before I head back to work. My cats seem to sense this and are making right royal pains of themselves.  Even the cat that hates sitting in a lap is trying to lie down next to me, which is very sweet for her. She is a cat that needs her personal space.

I am desperately behind in reading. Because of big bang and McShep match, I have a lot of stories on the to-read pile. I wish I had another couple of days off, just so I could dig into it in some depth. As I get around to it, stories that I have read and enjoyed are going on my delicious to-rec tag. None of the current crop of stories is up, but I hope to have some soon.

I did finish Rock, Paper (No Scissors) yesterday, and thought it was a lot of fun. It's not terribly graphic in the Hurt/comfort arena, and while I wouldn't call it majorly angsty, there is some emotional pain that people are going through.  The tone of the story is just so darn light that I never for a moment believed that it wouldn't work out, and Sheppard's internal voice is fabulous.  I wish I could get my Sheppard to be able to ignore pain like that, but alas, it is not to be. I suspect that my Sheppard tends to be on the emo side of things.

Oh!  One of the great things about being trapped in a car with my spouse and son for 500 miles was that we spent some time discussing the difference between Emo and Angst.  Shakespeare's characters tend to be more on the Emo side in that their emotional pain is visible to an outsider (or at least it was in the productions we saw.)  We compared this to the characters in "Gem of the Ocean", which is a play about African American characters in the hill district of Philadelphia Pittsburgh in 1904; it's also a tragedy in that one of the characters that we liked the most ends up dead at the end of the play.  The characters in the show still had to communicate their emotional pain to the audience, but rather than it being all open and heart-felt sighs, it was all closed up and deliberately ignored. The contrast between the two was wonderful, and kept us going for probably an hour of the ride.

"Distracted" was the third play we say, and it was the one that Lar liked best.  It is also the one that I think would make a great Kate Hewlett vehicle.  This was the second production of the play, after the author had a chance to do a little tweaking based on the first run, plus she came to Ashland and worked with both the actors and director to tune it up some more, based on their input. The story is about a woman who has to come to terms with the possibility of her son having ADHD, and what that means to her and her family.  It's incredibly funny--though most of the jokes are in the first half--and topical. (At one point, there are all of these TV screens above the stage showing what's on the news while the DSM 4 definition of ADHD is read aloud, plus the words are overlaid on the news images.  And guess whose image is up there?  *g*  So funny, as the definition so fits.)  The mom surf's the internet for information, tries out homeopathy as well as more traditional medicine, and buys shoes off zappos.com when she gets stressed.  They break the 4th wall constantly for asides to the audience, plus at one point, one of the actors 'breaks character' to talk a little about his life with ADD.  It's a great mixture of comedy and drama, with no easy solutions.  It's was also a lot of fun. 

I think that's it for now.  The cat has finally moved from my lap, so I guess it's time to warm up my tea and start my day, It's good to be back.
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I love all of the little footnotes and surreal touches. SGA, more gen than slash, great style.

Thank you for flying Church of England by [livejournal.com profile] someinstant


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