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3Ships reveal! I wrote a Leverage story for 7Iris, and had a blast doing it. Thank you to Zvi for organizing it.

Title: A Casual, Easy Thing (Link goes to AO3 version)
Author: Rachael Sabotini ([personal profile] wickedwords)
Fandoms: Leverage
Pairing: Parker/Hardison/Spencer
Summary: "You conferenced my freak out?"
Written for 7Iris in [community profile] 3_ships 2009, Prompt: Confidence

A/N: Many thanks to Sherrold, sabaceanbabe and Movies_Michelle for their fabulous beta work. I had a blast writing this, and if you get a chance to write for 3Ships next year, you should do it. Also, if you have thoughts on any tags I should add to my story on AO3, let me know!

A Casual, Easy Thing  )
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[dreamwidth.org profile] 3_ships is live, and all of the stories are posted to the website. There's lots of stories: Leverage, Merlin, ST 2009, ST 2009 RPF, Torchwood, Lord of the Rings, Buffy, SGA, SG-1, Dr Who, Chuck, NCIS: LA, and oh, look! a White Collar story Paper Planes! Just for me, me, me. {{Hugs story}}

Go read!
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To start with, I am all about the friendship, and competence is a big love of mine. I love watching people performing at their peak, and using their talents to their best abilities. So no matter what fandom you've chosen to write in, I'd love a nod to the character's special skills. Also a little humor and a little banter is always on my wish list.

Surprisingly Domesticity is the theme that jumped out at me this year. Usually, I am all about the hurt/comfort and while I did request H/c for Burn Notice, I am much more about the comfort and cuddling this time than the usual hurt. A little bit of dependency and help in the daily life along with some 'thank god I have you' would go along way for me this year. A Happy ending is an absolute must.

Other likes: First times, teasing, found families, self-realization, reliance on a team, wistful regret, pining, old hurts, second chances, dreams, romance without schmoop, adventure, ass kicking, angst, exotic settings, wacky undercover situations, themes about trust and love.

Some dislikes: noncon, heavy illness (cancer, etc), pregnancy, death or permanent disability, heavy kink. I'm not keen on first person POV or all dialog stories, though I am fine with a story narrated by an original character.

As far as the sex goes, I'm happy with fade to black or explicitly, luxuriously hot, and I'm not adverse to a little kink. Whatever your comfort level, I'm fine with it. Just enjoy writing it, and I'm sure I'll love reading it.

Fandom Specific info:

For Leverage, I chose "Bed and Breakfast". Either an opulent bed and breakfast location, or maybe something more rugged, where someone feels out of their element. I was also thinking of Eliot's cooking, and big dreams, like the Parker, Eliot, and Alec talking amongst themselves or fantasizing of what they might do in the future. I was also thinking about what might happen if instead of the luxury bed and breakfast, the designated little getaway turned out to be the twin pines motel. Comedy, fantasy, banter, and competence: these guys are a full meal deal.

For Stargate Atlantis, I chose "Ghosts". I love Rodney, John, and Teyla, and I'd love to see the three of them together. It doesn't have to be set post-season 5; it can be set at an indeterminate time and place. I want the three of them to be happy, and if it takes an apocalypse for that to happen, I'm fine with it

For Burn Notice, I chose Hurt/comfort, and for me, that means it's about Sam. This is a more angst-filled relationship for me, as Sam feels more on the outside in canon, and I would love to see him brought inside.

And for White Collar, I simply went with 'fun'. Peter seems like the kind of guy who needs more fun in his life, and Elizabeth looks like she could use a chance to relax as well. I think Neal could certainly bring that to the party

Whatever you want to write, My Captain, I am sure I will enjoy it!


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