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I am so excited that SGA is starting back up again tonight. I want to see if things kinda turn out like I expected. Looking back on the last few years with a McShep eye, here's what I saw as themes:

Season One: John and Rodney discover Atlantis and each other. They have a lot of fun getting to know each other, and it slides into sex around the time of the Defiant One. Then the Wraith show up, and those two weeks before the Siege are some of the most intense emotional and sexual experiences either of them has ever had. But when the Daedelus shows up to rescue them (yay!), reality crashes down on them both. OH NOES! What have they been doing?

Season two: Was all about finding their feet with each other, after that intense emotional rush from the seige and the shakeup of coming in contact with earth again. So things were shaky at times, and their emotional connections stretched as they learn what their boundaries are now that they are back in the 'real world.'

Season three: It's about family. After all that dancing around and relearning each other, John and Rodney have come to understand how solid they are with each other, and what their teasing really means. They are each trying to make a life for themselves in Atlantis, and Rodney is still looking for the white picket fence that John gave up on with his divorce. John's vision of the future is pretty scaled back, and what he has now is the best thing that he could hope to have. They sleep together occasionally, but Rodney is still looking around for his perfect life.

And that's where they are at as we go into season 4.


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