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Hey, I am posting a holiday reveal post in January! Go me, that is way better than I have been doing the last few years.

My Yuletide story was Life Lessons for unveiled
Fandom: Agents of Shield

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Wow, did I luck out with this one! unveiled simply asked for Melinda May being awesome, so I thought I would try for something that was smaller and more scaled back emotionally, yet showed her connection with the people around her. Tough, very tough, and a little random. But though some great feedback from Nicole and Movies_Michelle, I was able to refine the story so it thematically says what I wanted it to say -- that Melinda May is tough and awesome, yes, but she craves people as much as plants need water and light. (More or less) Anyway, it was a blast, and I got a good response on it, so I was really happy with this year's draw.

I also did a short (300 word-ish) Yuletide Madness story for jessikast: Sunday Morning
Fandom: October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

For the past few years, I've drawn femslash fandoms and so when I saw jessikast's request on the pinch hit list for a story where one of the options for point of view was May, I jumped on it. I didn't have a full story, just an image of May and her raven maiden girlfriend on a lazy sunday morning, so that's what I wrote. I love the couple and would really love to explore their relationship and the mythology of the raven maidens sometime, but that wasn't going to happen with yuletide deadlines. So the piece is what it is -- I got my femslash story in, and jessikast had one more treat in her stocking come Christmas morning -- so all was good with the world.

My last story reveal is for the one I did for SGA Santa: Lava Hotel for mific

It's a John/Rodney story, and it's the one that nearly killed me to write. I know, I know, it's barely over minimun, but the issue was that mific specifically requested no Hurt/Comfort, and ... well, you know me. Saying 'no hurt/comfort' was like saying 'don't think of elephants'.
Every single story start turned to H/c at some point in time, and I got about 5K words written on one before realizing I'd gone off-course and cutting back on it, only to realize -- after another thousand words or so -- that I was off course yet AGAIN! Arrg. So frustrating. So I scrapped it all and restarted, determined to write something fun and light, and this was the result. Personally, I think it's adorable -- well, the characters are adorable, particularly John -- and it made me happy to see them have some fun together after the hell that I had been putting them through. I think it's a much better gift than the others I'd started, so go me for finding that middle ground.

So there you go, that's my stories for the year. I had a blast and hope I can get a little more writing done this year.

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 As many of you know, I went to the pinch hit list this year, so my lovely author got only a few days to write my story.  I really enjoyed what she did in The Sweet Arcade Life, and think she did a great job in a very short span of time.  It is a lovely little story exploring the impact of downloadable content for Sugar Rush on the friendship between Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz. I love the idea a lot, and the way she compares Wreck-It Ralph's unchanging world with Vanellope's weekly updated one has some of the same philosophical underpinnings of the original movie while still maintaining its whimsy.

Now, as far as the guessing game goes, I wrote two stories this year, my regular assignment and one non-drabble yuletide madness treat.  As usual, both are new fandoms for me, both have female protagonists, and both have a relationship bent. 


Dec. 17th, 2012 09:35 pm
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I still need to do a final read-through and some last minute fussing, but the story is in now and I can take a deep breath. I hate titles and summaries.


Dec. 21st, 2011 06:14 pm
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Thank you to my wonderful last minute betas, Killa and elynross. I am going to reread it tomorrow to see if I missed anything critical, but for the moment, I am going to call it done. Yay.
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Oh. my. I am at BEARS! BEARS! BEARS! on my story. I wasn't able to write yesterday as work had a meltdown while I was at a doctors appointment (still looking good, yay!). So I still have that one last scene to do and I have promised myself I will get it done tonight. ::determined nod::

In other news, Ev received acceptances to two universities yesterday, western (or as he prefers to call it, the mages college at winterhold) and PLU, the college I graduated from. Since Western's his first choice, that's probably where he'll end up, but I want to get the financial aid letter first so we can compare costs.
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My primary computer has been down for over a month, due to a part failure which turned into a drama of intense porpotions. I have been on facebook on my netbook and doing mail/the occasional forey into twitter through my iphone, and that's why I never wrote or called here as it was just a pain in the butt through the tools I had. Chrome was my savior on the netbook, as firefox ate too many resources to do much of anything.

But now I am home, and my computer is too, and we are hoping to get back to being one with the universe.


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