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So, after Vividcon, I thought I would update the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic entry on fanlore....

Boy that was stupid. There's just too much fandom to fit in that little space. I ended up linking to the other mane sources like "Know Your Meme" instead.
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The [community profile] fanlore community is open on Dreamwidth. We needed a place for people to congregate, talk about pages (cool ones, ones with issues and concerns, plus general 'how do i...' type stuff), and just keep in touch with what is happening on the site. We'd been looking at various options for a place to gather, but the forums options looked to be a ways off, and Dreamwidth was an option available now. Plus the open id option made it very attractive, as people could still comment by setting up the free open id account.

The community is syndicated on LJ, so you can keep in touch with what's going on here
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While fanlore is a repository for information about fandoms, do you think it would be a good idea to ask the people on Yuletide to input some basic information--like where people can go to find more information about a show's canon, and where the main archives are--into fanlore? That way when you get your assignment, you can easily check on something else on their request list if it strikes your fancy, but even better, if people get caught up in a story on yuletide and want to read more in the fandom or join some fannish communities, they can go to fanlore and find most of that stuff easily.

Or do you think this would result in a lot of entries with the 'needs more fandom' label and general frustration?
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I have 50 more words to write tonight to make my goal for MiniNano, but now that they have started announcing things, I fear I will be sucked into the updates. I'm behind on rec stuff too, but tomorrow I can make those up. I did work a little on the Fanlore Duncan/Methos page, but wow, is that going to need some help.
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The Man from UNCLE page on fanlore is very, very, very empty right now, and it makes me sad. It was one of my first fandoms, but I am very out of touch with it now, and don't even know where the archives are. Is anyone willing to either a) hand me a list of archives that I can put in or b) add them in yourself (even better!) I would appreciate it.
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As many of you know, I am helping with Fanlore, and one of the things we talked about at our last meeting was how we wanted to bring in more fandom-related history. And personally, I can't think of anything more 'fandom' related than the history of Hurt/comfort fandom.

Unfortunately, since it's a panfandom metafandom that has existed since the dawn of time (i.e., back when media fandom first broke off from science fiction fandom), it's way the heck too much for any single person to do. Seriously, if I were the type of person to work on a phd in media studies? This could be my dissertation.

So I'd like to get some people to work on the History of Hurt/comfort fandom. Things I'd like to know would be: What were the big Hurt/comfort stories in your fandom? Did any of them have huge impact? Can someone talk about 'brain damage' stories, and 'illness hurt/comfort'. The Teddy Bear stories in Highlander, "Gentle on my Mind" in Sentinel and it's follow-up by a different author. What was Hurt/hurt called back in the early days? Was it really 'get 'em'?

All I have is oral history, man. And y'all know my memory is crap.
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[livejournal.com profile] sherrold started an entry for the Slashfic Hall of Shame. It's rough, yes, but what's cool is the link to the wayback machine's copy of the site, including the rants, the link to the 'feedback' and an example story critique. I lost...a bit of time reading through it all (yes, all) and it was a hoot.

Meanwhile, the guys are here to deliver the new couch. Just in time for the VP debates tonight.
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I did many things, very little of which I can remember. I did create the vidding subcategory, though, and added it to everything I recognized as belonging to it from the video category. (If it wasn't in video, I may not have seen it, so I don't think I got everything.)

I also went through my old video tapes and found an ancient copy of MC Tape 2 that still had its liner notes with it, so I am adding that to the Media Cannibals Tape 2 subpage. It's a real gem in that we listed what equipment we were using and how much it cost, how we did our titles back then, and the liner notes themselves reference 'Escapade 7' and 'Virgule 3' (That was the slash con held in Seattle, back in the day. I'd forgotten there were 3 of them.)

I think the Led Zeppelin vids on it are the first RPS vids shown--it would have been around 1994/1995, at an Escapade, so that was cool. And Sandy noted when we first did the change POV in the middle of the song thing, which was cool as well. I feel like I'm transcribing some nifty little historical document, even though I doubt many people will be that interested. I think it's just neat to have found it.


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