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Got the results of the genetics test, and I DO NOT have the BRCA gene mutation. Which is a yay! with a hrm...based on some recent research. I'm still gonna to call it a yay!.
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Today was my year 2 battery of tests: MRI, mammogram, dexascan, and bloodwork. I'll review the results of the dexascan and the bloodwork next friday, but today they looked at both the mammogram and the MRI. Whoo-hoo! Both came back good. There was some change in my scar on the mammogram, but the MRI showed that was because the scar is shrinking -- very normal for year 2. (I think that also explains some of the occasional sharp pains I've been getting there, not just nerve regrowth, but things get pulled differently as the scar shrinks) So it's looking good, and here's hoping that the bloodwork next week confirms that.


Aug. 25th, 2010 04:40 pm
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I just heard back from the surgeon, and the pathology report came back negative for any malignancy in the biopsy done on Monday. So woo-hoo! I do not have to do cancer treatment again. ::does the major dance of happiness:: Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes, energy, and prayers my way. All of it helped.

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I'm gonna try and do some of this posting thing. In my mad gaming frenzy, I completely forgot to post about my life on occasion. I guess that's because there's been nothing major happening in my life -- no major fandom, no major family things (YAY!!!), no serious issues now that the cat's feeling better. In general, I just feel so much better than I did when I was going through treatment that even though I'm still tired at times, I can see on a daily basis that I'm doing okay.

Work is also okay. I'm learning the job, which is similar to one I used to do, but slightly different--and that's making me feel good too, since I know I can do it. A little bit of a challenge, and it's not overwhelming.

I'm carpooling in and taking the bus home most days, so my husband bought me a kindle. I had to wrestle it out of my son's hands as we took the train down to my dad's place this weekend. I bought him a book, but he loved being able to read on it, and he didn't hardly play his video games at all. It was so weird! I ended up reading my books on the kindle iphone app, but it's impossible to read fanfic that way.

Speaking of -- what is your favorite kindle-ready fanfic story? I downloaded a couple of things from the efiction to go site, but if you have a favorite set up for a kindle, point me at it! I think I'm ready to read just about anything.
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I haven't been reading LJ/DW for a while, and I think I'm just going to have to call it. Anything that has happened in the past week has passed me by, so let me know of the significant-to-you things that I have missed.

Otherwise...I finished Radiation Treatment on Monday! So that's it for me, other than the standard follow-on care. I am done, done, done! with cancer treatment. I have my 3-month appt with my medical oncologist next week, and after that, it is on to Escapade! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone at the con. I'm gonna be dead tired by Sunday, which is when my panels are, but it's gonna be worth it.

Other things that have happened: Evan got his purple belt in Kempo, and has moved up to both the adult class and the advanced class. He's really taking this seriously and starting to do very well. Who knew that he needed a paramilitary dojo to make him buckle down?

We also went to see Percy Jackson this weekend, so that's movie #7 for the year. It was okay, but not great; it also has some issues that made me roll my eyes a lot and come close to laughing out loud in an inappropriate way. It did have the prettiest people ever in the film, though. Man, the cast is pretty.

The Seattle Children's theater production of "In the Northern Lands: Nordic Myths" was incredible on Sunday. The cast had to learn acrobatic work for it, as the production used ropes for all the aerial work showing people climbing mountains and falling from the sky. The occasional puppets-- Odin's raven, a serpent, the wolf -- were cool, designed to look like old Nordic carvings. We really enjoyed it.

I think that's it. "Seven Year Itch" is on at redwood theatre, so I helped out with ushering one night. I'm unemployed at the moment, so I said I'd help co-ordinate volunteers for the show; I'm currently procrastinating on both phone calls and submitting another application somewhere.

No wonder I feel so tired.
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I am in my last week at work, and counting down the days until my contract is over. Unfortunately, this also means I have a ton of stuff to do, as everyone only now realized that "crap, she's gone friday and she's the only one who knows how to do this."

This week I got a new office mate, who happens to be very talkative. Very. Talkative. He's a nice guy and all, but I am working under a deadline here, and I really don't have time to talk about the history of the girl scouts.

Add to that the fact that I am taking time off mid-afternoon every day for radiation treatment, and that the treatment is starting to leave me really tired and low energy, and it's a recipe for stress. But there's only so much I can do in a day, so I just have to let it go and tell myself it's not gonna get done.

Three days of work left and fourteen days of radiation. I am so looking forward to having some time off and being done. Maybe then I can write my pickfor1K story, post old work to A03, and answer my yuletide comments.
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My yuletide story is done, but I am stressing over my 3ships story now. I think I have one or two scenes to write, but I really want to have the draft done Monday so I can send it out for beta. What was I thinking, signing up for two exchanges this year? I'm going to need to push it to get this story done.

In other news, I've had a pretty good week. Last Thursday I kept muttering to myself "and I don't have to do chemo today", which was utterly awesome and amazing. I'm still tired, and my muscles are incredibly tight, such that standing for any length of time or just doing some easy stretches is a chore, but...I am done, done, done with chemo, and I'll manage. Friday I met with the radiation oncologist, and did the planning run plus got my tiny little pinprick tats; I start rads on 12/28, and treatment will run until mid-February. So I get almost a two week break! And it looks like Escapade is a plan, so I made the hotel reservations too.

The big thing for me is that I had the borg implant removed on Monday, which was a joyous event. I opted for the IV sedation, rather than just having a local, and slept the afternoon away after. It occasionally aches, and it will for awhile, but I am so happy to be done with that, just knowing it's gone makes the day better.
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Today I had the wrap-up visit with my oncologist, before moving on to start the radiation dance. It went great--since when I started, there was no sign of cancer cells in my body outside of the original tumor, there wasn't much of anything to be concerned about, but I was still, you know. Worried. All of my numbers looked good, other than my vitamin D is still too low, and so I get to take an additional 2000 units of D3 a day to go along with my once-a-week 50000 units. Hopefully this will finally put me in a better range.

more medical rambling )
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Today was my final TC chemo treatment. I am tired, and resting, and already some of the annoying side effects are showing up, but I am done, done, done. They even gave me the "I Kicked Chemo" T-shirt. I have to have blood draws the next two weeks, just to make sure everything is on track, and then I get the referrals to radiation and to have my port removed.

So, yeah, sucky next few weeks, but then I don't have to go back.


Oct. 18th, 2009 04:35 pm
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Brief health update: After the last infusion, I started running a fever over the weekend. This led to a Sunday night visit to the ER, where a lot of tests were done. Upshot of everything was the catch-all 'virus' category, and I was on tylenol every 5-6 hours for the next 4 days. I was feeling enough better and my temp was down so that on Thursday, I made it into the office. Plus we got my bike set up in the house, and I put in ten minutes or so both yesterday and today; I'm still tired and dragging a bit this weekend, but really feeling much better.

So much better, that I am thinking of signing up for yuletide. I have 2 treatments left, so I would not be writing an epic,but I'm thinking I could do 1000 words. I haven't read or written any fan fic in weeks, so it would be nice to have some structure and maybe feel a little productive again.

At the moment, my list looks like:

Leverage: Parker/Eliot/Hardison

...and then I fry out. I'm sure there are other fandoms I want. Maybe I need some suggestions.
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It's been a crazy couple of weeks since my first chemo treatment. some possible TMI )


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