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Gravity is a Harsh Mistress (2996 words) by Rachael Sabotini
For Dira Sudis (dsudis)
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Martian (2015), The Martian - Andy Weir
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen/Mark Watney
Characters: Beth Johanssen, Chris Beck, Mark Watney
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Bathing/Washing, Team as Family
Summary: Mark didn't come away from Mars completely unscathed.

When I saw the pinch hit come through for H/c the Martian - with one request per the book and one per the movie -- I jumped at it. Because...H/C! Science Fiction! Potential Threesome! So totally in my wheelhouse, I had to jump at it.

Of course, once I got it, I had a rush of anxiety over writing. There was the little matter of my writing speed being glacier-like, and having less than a week to write it in -- given that I would be out of town on deadline weekend. It was at that point that I recognized the requester, and started banging my head on the desk for not really looking at that first.

So I grabbed a couple of people off the yuletide beta readers list -- alina and Celeste -- just to make sure I was writing something intelligible. Then I asked Gwyn to beta it, as I knew she could whip the story into shape, and find all the missing emotional holes that I initially forget. I worked on it right up until deadline, and am pretty proud of how it turned out.

Dira liked it, and I felt good about my writing process. It was a good Yuletide for me.


Dec. 17th, 2012 09:35 pm
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I still need to do a final read-through and some last minute fussing, but the story is in now and I can take a deep breath. I hate titles and summaries.
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mininano 2012 total champ

I love participating in Mini_Wrimo and WriSoMiFu every year, and those communities are how I managed to get a draft of my yuletide story done again this year. Of course now comes the more hideous part of my writing process -- trying to make the darn thing coherent! If anyone wants to volunteer for beta duty, story undescribed, I am looking for help. :)


Dec. 21st, 2011 06:14 pm
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Thank you to my wonderful last minute betas, Killa and elynross. I am going to reread it tomorrow to see if I missed anything critical, but for the moment, I am going to call it done. Yay.
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Oh. my. I am at BEARS! BEARS! BEARS! on my story. I wasn't able to write yesterday as work had a meltdown while I was at a doctors appointment (still looking good, yay!). So I still have that one last scene to do and I have promised myself I will get it done tonight. ::determined nod::

In other news, Ev received acceptances to two universities yesterday, western (or as he prefers to call it, the mages college at winterhold) and PLU, the college I graduated from. Since Western's his first choice, that's probably where he'll end up, but I want to get the financial aid letter first so we can compare costs.
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I have gotten beta comments back from my first reader, and she was spot on that I needed to add a couple of scenes. Need to get this all done today or tomorrow, and I should just squeak in right at the deadline following a proofing pass. I'm pretty excited about this story, as I think it will hold together well and it's turned into a story I needed to tell. Who knew when I got this assignment that it would turn into something that mattered deeply to me? Rock on, yuletide. Rock on.
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I ran through the list of yuletide beta offers, and I can find no one who has volunteered my fandom. My story's not done, but I'd hope that would be useful procrastination.
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Heee!  Oh, this should be fun.  I really miss Sandy right now as she was my big cheerleader and support through the writing process.  She wouldn't know a thing about the fandom, and yet when I'd talk about it with her, she'd have a hundred things to think about or contribute.  I'm sad that she's not going to be here for this, but I'm still planning on having fun.

First I have to finish that SGA Santa story, though.  And find a couple of betas...
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Oh crap! I am no where near being half done with this story. I fear I may need to terminate it, and start again on something more manageable for the timeframe. Story start #5 just going into the hopper...I guess I don't really need a plot.
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And it is agony tonight. I have a very small minimum word count I have promised myself, and I am crashing and burning on coming up with anything tonight. I may have to blow something up or injure someone, just to have a chance to write some description.
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I only managed 100 words today, as I simply wasn't motivated. I am also having trouble with ripping stuff out and rewriting; the reason I only had 100 words added was because I gutted so much. I'm really going to have to learn to relax and just let the horrible dialog stand until I get more of it done. At this point, rewriting the some 100 words isn't helpful.
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I had planned to do more writing at work, but unfortunately the day was filled with meetings. We are actually in a push to get a project wrapped up, so I kept having people drop by the desk all day today. So my writing time was pretty negligible, and I'm sitting at about 1780 words along with the need to figure out some of my background. Guess that's what I will be working on tomorrow.
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While this is technically day 1, I have called in every bit of pre-set plotting I had to come up with my 1400 word total for the day. We'll see if I can't find myself some writer time at work and try to come up with something. I have never been one to sit down and write for long stretches; I'm more the distractable type, getting up and down and up again, so I rarely get into flow. I really want to learn how to get myself to stay seated for long enough to do a real chunk of a story, and I'm hoping this time to do that.

NaNo NaNo

Oct. 31st, 2011 08:43 pm
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I signed up for NaNo this year, as I also signed up for SGA Santa and hope to sign up for yuletide. If I get a novel and short story out of it, yay! If just two short stories, yay! as well. I haven't written this year and have just started liking reading fanfic again, so I'm hoping I'm over most of my weird isolationism that I've been going through lately. I'll try to post more regular stuff too, edge back into the fannish world. That might be pushing it though.
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I really enjoyed writing for both Yuletide and 3ships this year, even though doing two stories in such a short time stretched me pretty thin. I was thinking of other challenges to do this year. I've already picked up the Picfor1K challenge, though I haven't started on it (heck, I don't even know what fandom to write! If you want to suggest something, do so in the comments. I won't tell you what picture I got, so you'll be suggesting blind. Bwa-ha-ha!)

So. Other challenges. I am tempted by the au_bigbang, however my track record with long stories is...not good. I'd need a 'finish your novels' challenge and an 'edit your novels' challenge to really get caught up with those.

I do have some old WIPs I'd like to finish. Hmmm. Maybe I should alternate. Pick a challenge and write new, then finish off old. What do you think might help get me back to writing?
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I wrote Better Than A Dream for SaraJaye this year, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's The Simpsons, and SaraJaye asked for femslash between Lisa Simpson and Juliet Hobbes, set years from now, when they are both in college.

And in an amazing dash of synchronicity, she also asked for no porn. Guys, she asked for PG rated femslash! ::flails hands excitedly:: It's my natural environment! I was so excited to get the request that I'd caplock, but it might be undignified.

Anyway, it thrilled me to write balls out romance, no stopping for go, no collecting $200. There's a wiff of angst in it, but not much, and writing it made me very happy. It's something I would never have done on my own, but writing it turned out to be as much of a gift for me as I think it was for its recipient.

I also want to say thank you to my two gift writers, Merriman for Breathe, my Lark/Rosethorn treat, and AntigravityDevice, who wrote my main Alan/Billy story, In The Blink of A Thunderbird. It was utterly awesome to be able to read both of these on Christmas day, and thank you both for writing a story for me.
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My yuletide story is done, but I am stressing over my 3ships story now. I think I have one or two scenes to write, but I really want to have the draft done Monday so I can send it out for beta. What was I thinking, signing up for two exchanges this year? I'm going to need to push it to get this story done.

In other news, I've had a pretty good week. Last Thursday I kept muttering to myself "and I don't have to do chemo today", which was utterly awesome and amazing. I'm still tired, and my muscles are incredibly tight, such that standing for any length of time or just doing some easy stretches is a chore, but...I am done, done, done with chemo, and I'll manage. Friday I met with the radiation oncologist, and did the planning run plus got my tiny little pinprick tats; I start rads on 12/28, and treatment will run until mid-February. So I get almost a two week break! And it looks like Escapade is a plan, so I made the hotel reservations too.

The big thing for me is that I had the borg implant removed on Monday, which was a joyous event. I opted for the IV sedation, rather than just having a local, and slept the afternoon away after. It occasionally aches, and it will for awhile, but I am so happy to be done with that, just knowing it's gone makes the day better.
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I received some lovely snowflake cookies for my LJ profile. Thanks go to Anonymous, [personal profile] trelkez, [personal profile] geeklite, and [personal profile] trobadora for the surprise gifts. Really, guys, no one ever gives me this sort of stuff, and it made me really happy to get them.

Also of the cool surprises, [personal profile] sherrold put our names in the fanvid meme that [personal profile] sdwolfpup has been hosting. Our thread is here, and it has been neat to see what everyone had said about our vids.

And speaking of vids, we got the award banners for the 2008 SGA and SG1 music vid awards:

Plus I finished off Mininannowrimo by writing every day for the entire month. So I now have a rough draft of my yuletide story, which is a yay! My 3ships story, however, still has a lot of work to go.
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I did it! I uploaded all of my stories from this year to AO3, as there weren't that many of them.

My full listing is at:

This Side of the Mountain
My [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match story for this year, a fusion with World War Z

Steal Some Covers
My Leverage/Highlander crossover PWP, which is all about Amanda/Parker fun

Since I count the yuletide stories as part of the writing year that the reveal happened, I also posted my yuletide/sga santa stories:

Maid of Awesome
My The Middleman pinch hit from yuletide 2008, a short Wendy/The Middleman snippet.

Patrick and the Flim-Flam Man
My A Dog's Breakfast/Stargate Atlantis AU from yuletide, 2008. Patrick/John

Zelenka's Feast
Another Stargate Atlantis AU, witten for SGA Santa 2008. Lorne/Zelenka is the primary pairing, with a background McKay/Sheppard, and possible Carter/Mitchell.

And a bonus:

Trees are Tricky Things
Yet another A Dog's Breakfast story, this one written as a pinch hit for yuletide 2007. Again, Patrick/John Sheppard AU.

*whew* They might not all be on my personal archive, but at least they're all archived someplace now.
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I have been writing! I have already managed to make the minimum on my 3ships story, which is good as next week is my final chemo treatment (YAY!) and soon the yuletide assignments will be out. I'll probably have to set this one aside at that point so I can work on the earlier deadline, but even though what I have written doesn't stand on its own, I am still happy to have a couple of scenes done.

I've also realized that I fail at website updates. I'm not sure that I have posted any of the stories that I have written this year. (not that I have written that many, but you know...) I'm thinking of posting them to the AA03 archive, since it's in open beta now. Oh! And if anyone wants an invite, I have one for that, along with my bazillion dreamwidth codes.

Still behind in every TV show I am watching, and way behind in reading. I need a month just to read fanfic, you know?


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