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I have never been as prolific a writer as I was this year. When I look at my goals from last year -- 6 completed stories, 1 of them over 6000 words -- I had no idea I was being so easy on myself. That felt like a pretty good year. I made a resolution to join a challenge, finish off a WIP, and work on joining into fandom a bit more, instead of sitting by the sidelines.

Then SGA ate my brain. At the time I was working on this meme last year, I though maybe I'd glom onto House fandom, but, uh, yeah. The end result is that I wrote 50+ stories, chapters, and drabbles, including last year's yuletide but excluding this year's yuletide and sga_santa. That is a lot for me. Seriously. When did I become prolific?

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As yesterday was new fandoms day, today is the day for fandoms past. This is the fifth story of the meme payment set, a Wiseguy short (about 265 words). Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] elynross for betaing this for me. No money made, no harm intended. All mistakes are my own.

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I have finally posted my yuletide story "Always With You" to the 'other fandoms' section of my site:

House O'Fanfic

Fandom: Wiseguy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sonny/Vinnie
Some secrets you keep.

Originally posted as part of yuletide. For chelle, who wanted Wiseguy fiction.

All feedback is wonderful, and whatever you want to send is appreciated. Thanks!


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