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The winners were announced for the 2008 Stargate Music Awards, and Sandy and I were lucky enough to place second for both of the Stargate vids we made this year:

Rasputin placed second in SG-1 Humor

Why Walk When You Can Fly placed second in the SGA Team Category.

This is awesome and wonderful, and thank you to everyone who voted for us. What a great way to end 2008.
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I think I'll call this year the year of "Domesticity and Intense Emotional Pain". As if that couldn't be the subtitle on my writing most years.

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[livejournal.com profile] killabeez said something like:

You know what would be cool? The vid version of the 5 stories meme. So, with that thought, here are 5 favorite vids that I have done. I'm not going to say that these are the best or always my favorites, but for the moment, these are the ones

1. Lives in the Balance, Wiseguy, Character Study for Roger Lococo,on our vid site
I've always loved Roger, and I assume most people know the backstory on this vid. It was the first one I ever picked the song for and had the vision for. [livejournal.com profile] sherrold did all of the button-pushing as it was first made during the 2-VCR era, while I was on bed rest with pregnancy-induced blood pressure problems. It was a great way to keep me entertained.

The version on our vid site was re-cut from the DVDs last year. I'm hoping to post it up on Imeem later today.

2. Hair, Multimedia, bouncy fun con vid, not available on-line
Unfortunately, this vid will probably never be available on-line as it has just too much source to track down. We scoured fandom for a year pulling all of the source together, asking people to bring tapes with them when they came up to Seattle to stay. My favorite two clips in it are the slow hair flip with Armond, and the slow one with Castillo pushing his dripping wet hair out of his face as he stands in the water. I love the way those two moments are so slow in contrast to the rest of the vid that it just re-frames the whole thing. They are perfect hair-fan moments.

3. He's the Man, The Sentinel, Character Study for Jim, not available on-line
I was at [livejournal.com profile] sherrold's office to take her to lunch one day, and she said, "you have to listen to this." Then she played the comedy bit, and when it was over, I blinked and said "you know, that would make a great vid." We dragged Jo into it, and did shuttle vidding; I don't think the three of us were ever in the same room at the same time while we worked on this vid. I loved how we were able to show Jim's two sides, the action-hero and the girly-man. I have such a fondness for that particular combination.

Have I mentioned how much I love contrasts? I'd say Bodie, Jim, and John Sheppard are all in the "psychokiller or pretty, pretty princess" vein.

4. Voodoo, Invisible Man, Character study/relationship study about obsession, grainy imeem streaming version or on our vid site Originally, Sandy and I had a completely different vid plotted out, but we laid the first clip down--an eye image--then looked at each other and went "okay, cool. We are going someplace else." I loved the way the obsession between the two men and the way that quicksilver connects them

5. Stress, Stargate Atlantis, Character study for Rodney McKay, grainy imeem streaming version or on our vid site
I originally wanted to use this song for Buffy, but it never really fit. I guess that's because it was waiting around for Rodney to arrive, as the song is the perfect fit for him.

Honorable Mentions:

Hippie Boy, The Sentinel, character study for Blair, not available on-line.
This one is really Jo's brainchild, as she had the song, but I got to work on it and learned so much in the doing. Jo has a great eye for camera details. We had to work for it as Blair's visual angst generally ranged from somewhat bemused to pretty darn bummed.

Wipeout, SG-1/Farscape Parallels,on our vid site
Ha! We did this before Cameron and Valla showed up on SG-1, and knowing that I did that fills me with unholy glee. Essentially, I made a vid that pulled the Farscape characters into the SG-1 universe, and then TPTB did that FOR REALS. Is that not awesome or what?

Same Thing in Reserve, The Sentinel, constructed reality, not available on-line.
We had a lot of fun building the universe where Blair and Jim were outed, plus we got to use Katherine's really cool fader to do the transitions! This was a pre-digital vid, made with 2 VCRs and we needed a whole 'nother machine to do the crossfades that just take a widget in premier anymore. (Hey you kids, out of my begonias!)

Okay, writing this up was a lot of fun. Thanks for tagging me, Killa!

ETA: Forgotten vids? I forgot all of the ones we did that were HL! DOH!
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This final segment contains spoilers for SG-1, so I'm doing it all under a cut tag.

Friday and Set Tour
Saturday Panels

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I know that there are some tiny SGA spoilers in this one, so I'm putting in a cut tag. It's a wrap up of the panels on Saturday.

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This is my con report, which is mine, and it may possibly contain spoilers at some point, so I'm putting in a cut tag. Here's Friday and the set visit, and I hope to make it through the rest later.

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I have never been as prolific a writer as I was this year. When I look at my goals from last year -- 6 completed stories, 1 of them over 6000 words -- I had no idea I was being so easy on myself. That felt like a pretty good year. I made a resolution to join a challenge, finish off a WIP, and work on joining into fandom a bit more, instead of sitting by the sidelines.

Then SGA ate my brain. At the time I was working on this meme last year, I though maybe I'd glom onto House fandom, but, uh, yeah. The end result is that I wrote 50+ stories, chapters, and drabbles, including last year's yuletide but excluding this year's yuletide and sga_santa. That is a lot for me. Seriously. When did I become prolific?

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This is the third story of the meme payment set (collect them all!), an SG-1 drabble. (It's also the first time I've written SG-1, so the meme was really cool in that I got to try something new.) Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] elynross for betaing this for me. No money made, no harm intended. All mistakes are my own.

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