Reality Check

Oct. 20th, 2017 12:42 am
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How badly are women represented in China's Communist Party and how does it compare?
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The BBC has created a composite image, combining all members of the US Senate and Congress. The result? Largely white and male. But how do those on Capitol Hill think?

The Primordial Gound.

Oct. 20th, 2017 12:34 am
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Yes, you read it right, that’s “gound.” Justin E. H. Smith’s unsettling… essay? … for The Public Domain Review will explain it. Eventually. It begins (after a brief bit of throat-clearing):

Benno Guerrier von Klopp (1816–1903) was a Baltic German philologist, of French Huguenot origin, who studied at the University of Saint Petersburg and made most of his career as an academician ordinarius, while also spending a good portion of his later career at Jena. Klopp is remembered principally for his contributions to the study of Baltic and Slavic linguistics, not least his 1836 dissertation on the disappearance of the neuter gender in Middle Latvian, and his groundbreaking 1868 study of the morphosyntax of the Old Church Slavonic verbal prefix, vz-.

Significantly less well known is Klopp’s work on the development of the mature philosophical system of Immanuel Kant, a fellow Baltic German who may have been more familiar with the languages and customs of that region than other scholars have detected. In fact, if Klopp is correct, Kant’s first-hand ethnolinguistic researches extend well beyond the Baltic. While Klopp’s 1873 book, Die geheime Sumatrareise Immanuel Kants, is not found in the Library of Congress, or even in the supposedly comprehensive online WorldCat, I have been able to locate a copy of it in at least one place: the library of the faculty of Baltistik at the University of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Don’t miss the footnotes, which include tidbits like “Yakov Brius (also known as Jacob Bruce, 1669-1735), was a Russian statesman and scientist. Like Kant, he was of Scottish ancestry. He conducted astronomical observations from the Sukharev Tower in Moscow. It was rumoured among Muscovites that Brius practiced black magic in the tower.” And hang on to your hat!

This Coming Sunday

Oct. 19th, 2017 08:27 pm
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This Sunday, September 24th, we'll be reading The Bruce-Partington Plans.

We'll meet again Mycroft Holmes who deigns to visit Holmes at Baker Street. Naturally of course it isn't a social visit; the plans for a top secret submarine are missing after the man who last had them is found dead.

If you're new to our community, don't be shy! We read each of the 60 ACD canon stories in a little over a year. Some of the stories are split up given their length. You can have a look at our profile page for the schedule. Each week, the story's discussion begins on Sunday and remains open all week. You can join in with the discussion or write a short 60 word story based on the week's case or just read along with us. Or all three! And you can join us here or on our sister community on livejournal,

We look forward to seeing everyone this coming Sunday.
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Spanish tourist dies after being struck by falling stone fragment at Florence's Santa Croce basilica.

words and historical research

Oct. 20th, 2017 01:33 am
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"What year did this word enter the dictionary?"
Not quite the same as "what year was this word invented" (a randomly selected phase existed for at least four decades in African American variations before it was "introduced") but still quite good for "Would Bucky have said this in 1937" type questions. The earlier years in particular are enjoyable.

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:33 pm
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20-22 Friday - Sunday Weekend Events: Big hair & Tokyo

Ads that include BIG HAIR! Beehives, 80s hair, etc


Ads for/about/mentioning Tokyo

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Oct. 19th, 2017 06:01 pm
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I finally got a good photo of Maggie and Duncan together. It would have been nice if Duncan had been looking at me, but as soon as I got his attention Maggie got up and moved. Sigh.

Maggie and Duncan sitting in the sun looking very adorable

I didn't post at all during last year's baseball season, but many of you probably know that I'm a huge Cubs fan, and, yes, the World Series was amazing. I cried like a baby when the Cubs when the NLCS. After game 7 of the series, I was so numb that I just kind of sat there smiling, then I kept randomly bursting into tears for the next few days. What an incredible relief.

Things aren't going as well this year, unfortunately, but that's OK. Hopefully it won't be another 108 years before next time.
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Animal sculptures made of radish

Crafted by Masanori Kono, these cute creations are made of grated daikon radishes. Each character looks like an adorable cartoon plopped into a bowl of warming vegetables. By adding these little animals, Kono puts a sculptural twist on the Japanese version of a hot pot dish. Seriously, what's more comforting in winter than eating a bowl of warm food topped by a cute animal? Via: So Bad so good

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My iPad is always within reach, but it doesn't have cellular service. Could I get a mobile hotspot and use it as a phone?
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[ SECRET POST #3942 ]

Oct. 19th, 2017 06:47 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3942 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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