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I have never been as prolific a writer as I was this year. When I look at my goals from last year -- 6 completed stories, 1 of them over 6000 words -- I had no idea I was being so easy on myself. That felt like a pretty good year. I made a resolution to join a challenge, finish off a WIP, and work on joining into fandom a bit more, instead of sitting by the sidelines.

Then SGA ate my brain. At the time I was working on this meme last year, I though maybe I'd glom onto House fandom, but, uh, yeah. The end result is that I wrote 50+ stories, chapters, and drabbles, including last year's yuletide but excluding this year's yuletide and sga_santa. That is a lot for me. Seriously. When did I become prolific?

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Okay, last one for now! I still have one more to write, but that one looks like it will be a while. Thank you all for being so patient with me. Oh, and the icon is misleading -- it wasn't a bad day for me at all -- but it's the only MFU icon I have.

This is the sixth story of the meme payment set, a MFU short of about 600 words. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] elynross for betaing this for me. No money made, no harm intended. All mistakes are my own.

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Way back when, I was an UNCLE fan. I got caught when TNT started playing all the eps in the late eighties, and bought a few zines. "City of Byzantium" by Eros knocked my socks off, and I really wanted to write some UNCLE. I had met a few people, and they wanted to publish some zines, and so I wrote a few incredibly short, just-long-enough-to-get-a-comp-copy stories that were published in a zine called "Exposures", under my 'Alys' pen name. The zines are bad -- they had no editing -- but there was usually a story by Eros in them, and that made it all worth while to me.

(Besides, at the time I had just started writing and really didn't have a clue what I was doing. My skill level was just about average for what else was published there.)

And all of that is to warn you about this. I tried to leave it much as it was, but I did fix the epithet thing, and I did muck with the POV. Still, the concept is tried and true. Everyone needs a virgin sacrifices at dawn sort of story.

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