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So, for several years now I've been using this metaphor to describe viding in the late eighties and nineties, that of the 'greater' and 'lesser' houses of viding, and toward the end of the timeperiod, the houses being 'beseiged' by either 'barbarians at the gate' or 'feral vidders'. Obviously, I have read far too much political-based Fantasy and SF in my life, but the metaphor felt like it fit to me.

Well, this year I got to do a whole presentation on my theory and how it all worked; unfortunately, it was scheduled against "Scooby Road." I got really good attendance, but man, I didn't get to see Lum's masterpiece, and so was incredibly bummed about that. But as there is never a good time to for anything to be scheduled.

Because I am lazy, all you get is the notes from the panel, but I hope you can see where we were going. There really wasn't time for enough discussion, and I only made it up to the creation of the west coast asthetic via vidding interaction at Escapade, so some year, there will need to be a part two.

Please note: All the asthetics have their strengths. I am coming out of the west coast asthetic, so my preferences are based on that, but everyone has their own preferences. I also need to mention that there's a difference between specifics and generalizations: while each person chooses for themselves what they will do, once you generalize, the individual choices get washed out. Each person within an asthetic chooses to follow some, all, or none of the values that they have been exposed to, yet the trend among all the vidders in that asthetic still holds.

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One final note: even though I set the timeframe for this as the late 80s through the 90s, the asthetics and vidding guidelines they imply are still going strong. In this year's VVC premiere's show, I'd say 'Joker' was a great example of the mediawest asthetic, showcasing accessiblity to a crowd; Morgan Dawn's Dr. Who vid was an excellent example of the use of color in a vid, something prized by the San Fransicso asthetic; and Crush Story (our 'The Tick' vid) was out-and-out pure West Coast asthetic.
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I should have been in bed a while ago, but I thought I'd finish this first.

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