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I spent much of my Christmas holiday on the road with family, which was absolutely lovely! I'm ready for a rest day though, and has thus spent a little time with yuletide.

Women Who Run with Whywolves is my wonderful Adventure Time! present. Cake's voice is terrific, and I love how Prince Gumball is all science-y -- it's a romp in the genderswap universe. Plus Fionna is my best bud in this series, and she gets to spend some quality adventuring time with Marceline, the wonderfully emo and powerful vampire queen.

Marceline is the focus of several of the Adventure Time stories, and her back story with Simon/the Ice King is mined in most of the stories, at least a little bit, even if Bubblegum is her main squeeze, as in in Proper Names. Princesses All The Way Down is a little more shippy while Remember Me drops Bubblegum and stays with Marceline and the Ice King.

*Whew* That is one hard-working character there.

I also loved the crossover Wish Orbs Are Serious Lumping Business; Or, Donna Meagle Gets a Concussion I know nothing about Parks and Recreation, but I loved the tone of the piece and laughed aloud a couple of times. It's silly and cracked but very easy to follow.

And finally, for a complete change of tone and pace, I adored the "Person of Interest" story, Point of a Pistol. The character voices are spot-on, and the build-up as slow and precise as I could wish for. It's a solid little slash story that instantly made me want to re-read it.


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