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Did you know that a pacemaker can be recalled?  On Monday, my dad received notice that his pacemaker was recalled, and promptly freaked out thinking it was either going to a) burst into flames inside his chest b) short out and send a giant electrical shock through him or c) going to stop his heart. Luckily he had a doctor appointment that day, and the worst of his fears were calmed - the recall is for the battery portion which can drain more rapidly than expected.  The fix was easy, just change out the generator unit for a newer version of the same unit, and it would be able to use the same wires.

So, as I am still unemployed, I went down Thursday on the train to my brother's house in Portland,.  In the morning, I borrowed his car and drove down to my Dad's assisted care facility and took him in to the hospital for the replacement surgery.  Everything went great, though an emergency ended up pushing out his surgery for a couple of hours.  I took him back home, then I went back to my brothers, and today I took the train back to my house.  I get a couple of days break, then I start up the thanksgiving road trips, which will take me through Sunday. 

It's a long week, but it's okay.  I already called and checked on Dad and while he has some pain, he says he's doing okay.  He'll see the doc next week so that by the time I see him on Thursday again, he should be healed up enough to have gone back to his cardiac rehab exercise class. A working pacemaker is amazing.

Date: 2016-11-20 11:39 pm (UTC)
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A recall on equipment like that? I'd panic, too. Glad you are still free to go see him on short notice, and that it all worked out well for his equipment. Take care!


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