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We have 4 cats right now, which is really wacky.  Our friend Mitzi died, and no one in her family could care for her two kitties, so we took them in.  It's been over a month now, and there is no real violence between them -- but it's really weird to have so many cats. 

Sweetie -- who I swear suffers from PTSD -- is the oldest, at around 5-6 years. She's a long hair burmese queen that Mitzi adopted from a shelter.  We believe that she had been used as a breeder, and she was abandonded after a few litters as she throws up a lot.  She weighs around 8 lbs, and really is a sweetheart when she's not anxious.

Lilly is the next oldest, around 4 years - grey tabby and white, long hair, lovely and territorial.  She was FIV+ so she was kept isolated from the rest of the household for several months, and when we took her in, we kept her in a separate room until her blood test came back clean.  She's a doll, but can get overly excited, and she's very much a loner.  I'm not sure she really sees other cats as her same species.

Jasper is "Sweetie's Kitten".  She was alone a lot after Mitzi adopted her, which made her anxiety worse.  Mitzi thought that having another cat would help her, and so she picked up a male red tabby kitten as male/female cat combos are easier to integrate.  Sweetie and Jasper really did have this 'oh, my lost baby is found!' thing going on for quite a while.  He is a big ol' two or three year old 18 lb monster now, and he climbs up on the counters and the top of the refrigerator. In 20 years, none of my cats has ever climbed Mt Fridge, but that's where Jasper likes to lay.

Jack is the youngest, born in April of this year. He's a tabby the color of toasted coconut, and loves to hang out with us, licking and cuddling and sitting in our laps. He had a bad run with an upper respiratory infection, and while his sneezing is normal now, one of his eyes still gets watery occasionally and needs antibiotics.   Jasper is his bestest buddy, and the two constantly play and get into trouble.  Lilly and Jack also hang out some, and she lets him lick her head.  He ignores Sweetie, who mostly stays upstairs in a couple of rooms, and she lets him swagger  into her domain with only the occasional hiss.  So I think -- fingers crossed -- this might all work out.

And I think I am now, officially, a crazy cat lady.
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I have not fallen off the edge of the planet, just have had a small case of 'life' lately.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there, and of hanging out, watching vids, and talking fandoms again.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 10:38 pm
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This amused me more than it should have.

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Hey, I am posting a holiday reveal post in January! Go me, that is way better than I have been doing the last few years.

My Yuletide story was Life Lessons for unveiled
Fandom: Agents of Shield

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Wow, did I luck out with this one! unveiled simply asked for Melinda May being awesome, so I thought I would try for something that was smaller and more scaled back emotionally, yet showed her connection with the people around her. Tough, very tough, and a little random. But though some great feedback from Nicole and Movies_Michelle, I was able to refine the story so it thematically says what I wanted it to say -- that Melinda May is tough and awesome, yes, but she craves people as much as plants need water and light. (More or less) Anyway, it was a blast, and I got a good response on it, so I was really happy with this year's draw.

I also did a short (300 word-ish) Yuletide Madness story for jessikast: Sunday Morning
Fandom: October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

For the past few years, I've drawn femslash fandoms and so when I saw jessikast's request on the pinch hit list for a story where one of the options for point of view was May, I jumped on it. I didn't have a full story, just an image of May and her raven maiden girlfriend on a lazy sunday morning, so that's what I wrote. I love the couple and would really love to explore their relationship and the mythology of the raven maidens sometime, but that wasn't going to happen with yuletide deadlines. So the piece is what it is -- I got my femslash story in, and jessikast had one more treat in her stocking come Christmas morning -- so all was good with the world.

My last story reveal is for the one I did for SGA Santa: Lava Hotel for mific

It's a John/Rodney story, and it's the one that nearly killed me to write. I know, I know, it's barely over minimun, but the issue was that mific specifically requested no Hurt/Comfort, and ... well, you know me. Saying 'no hurt/comfort' was like saying 'don't think of elephants'.
Every single story start turned to H/c at some point in time, and I got about 5K words written on one before realizing I'd gone off-course and cutting back on it, only to realize -- after another thousand words or so -- that I was off course yet AGAIN! Arrg. So frustrating. So I scrapped it all and restarted, determined to write something fun and light, and this was the result. Personally, I think it's adorable -- well, the characters are adorable, particularly John -- and it made me happy to see them have some fun together after the hell that I had been putting them through. I think it's a much better gift than the others I'd started, so go me for finding that middle ground.

So there you go, that's my stories for the year. I had a blast and hope I can get a little more writing done this year.

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You rock for taking this on.  I know you only have a couple of days, so go you for stepping up to write in one of my uber-tiny fandoms.  Here's the link for my letter this year, but don't stress it:


Here's the much shortened version - plot is not as important as character, domestic scenes are cool,  I like a little description over white rooms, and I love whimsy. 

See you in five days, and thanks again for taking this on.
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 Yuletide is nestled all snug in its bed, and I have but one more day of work before I am on break.  Originally we were going to head to my dad's place this weekend, but that has been postponed to next, so I am going to go see The Hobbit on Sunday, then get a massage on Monday and my hair cut on Tuesday.  We still have to put up the tree, and I have to wrap all my gifts plus get a few last minute things, but I'm feeling pretty good about where I am at.  Honestly, I'm hoping for a smattering of snow tomorrow morning, so I can call in as 'working from home'.  I am ready to be on my break NOW.

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It has traumatized me.  I have had it linked to my sparkpeople account for so long, I have no idea how to calculate my calorie expendature without it!   So now I have to decide between the older fitbit one as a replacement, or wait 6-8 weeks for the new fitbit force to ship. I'll probably get the old one, as I know how to place it in order to count steps while cycling, and I'm not sure the brand new force will do that.  I talked to a friend who has a jawbone (which is another wrist wrap fitness tracker) and it doesn't record stationary cycling steps, so may be that whole wrist wrap activity tracker may not be for me.

(And yeah, the fitbit is really most completely dead.  Lar was able to glue it together once it broke along the mold lines, but it stopped responding after a last-gasp Fitbit 414 message last night.  It's currently sitting in a bag-oh-rice in the hopes that it's moisture that killed it, but, uhm, yeah.  Pretty sure that after being split in half and glued back together that it's even less watertight than it was before...)
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 Or at least as complete as it will get.  Maygra and I lost our series ages ago, when the server was infected with a virus that took down her site.  The others are all up now, including the one that was a round robin written in chat.  I thought quite a while about not posting it, as I don't know who any of the others are anymore or if they are even in fandom under other names, but I thought I should, just for completeness.  

Tagging these stories was terrible! I really have no clue what to put for them, as while Obi-Wan is an adult in all of them, sometimes his voice...isn't.  (Probably the same problem on my HP stories, come to think of it.)  Plus puzzling over if Cutwork is con or non-con, and deserving of a warning for that.  (I went with con, and a lot of kink tags.  I'm pretty sure that covers it) 

I'm happy to add and change tags if anyone thinks I missed something big time.  I suck at summaries too. 

But yes!  Once more down.  Only 2 smaller fandoms and 2 massive fandoms to do.
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 I finished migrating my stories for The Professionals and The Sentinel over to A03.  Wow, Sentinel was a happy, silly fandom for me.  Also kinky. ;)  Speaking of kinky, next up is Phantom Menace, which is going to take me a bit to work through with the series stuff.  Anyone know if there's a collection for the old Sith Academy stories?  I'm not sure those stories can stand on their own, but oh well.  I guess they will if there's nothing else for it.  
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 All 26 stories from my 'other fandoms' page have been added to AO3, bringing my total to 53 stories on the archive. I have all of my yuletide stories posted, and apparently I started in 2004.  If I join up, it'll be my 9th year for the challenge.  Amazing.
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My motherboard fried at the begining of the month, and I have been using my phone to check in occasionally on things.  Parts should arrive tomorrow, so hopefully I will be back to full time computer this weekend.  Meantime, my con crud is annoying but not horrid.  And Escapade was a ton o' fun.


Nov. 6th, 2012 09:44 pm
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So busy following the election that I forgot to work on my writing. Guess I'll do those 10 minutes/100 words then head to bed. I was so stressed over potential results that I could not concentrate!

Edit to add: Forgot I had written with actual paper and pen while bored in a meeting. Go me!
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My family and I just spent a fabulous 8 days in beautiful, warm Kauai. For Ev's graduation, J gave him a week's worth of timeshare at one of the resorts at the sunny south end of the island. We hung out and did touristy things, including a day long catamaran trip up the coast to the north shore, with some snorkeling on the way back. We didn't do much snorkeling other than that, and only made it to a beach once, but our room face east and we saw the sunrise every morning over the rocky coast below us. We saw waterfalls, the lighthouse, and we did the drive up Waimea Canyon to the incredible lookout. Completely fabulous, and I am utterly exhausted (not to mention lightly tanned!). Can't believe I am supposed to be back at work tomorrow.
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Sorry I haven't been round much, but life has been pretty busy. Still training for my ride to Vancouver BC in August, still working on the new product launch. Plus my son graduated high school yesterday! No wonder I am utterly exhausted. :)
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oday was to be my first long solo ride outdoors for the year, but thenn I got a panicked call from j that her dog, a large standard poodle, was having a seizure and she needed help to get him to the vet. Threehiours later, the dog checks out okay and no root cause for the seizure is found. So no hiking for me today as I am off to the rollerderby shortly. Will try again tomorrow to get outside.
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I have been lj and dw-less for several days now, but we finally got the kindle fire to work so that I could read on the go. My phone refuses to resolve my URLs for them, and it has been driving me crazy. Plus dear husband changed the password and Protocol for the routed, so I couldn't get go the Internet other than on the desktop. An,d with taking up cycling again, my butt was too sore to stay in my chair for any length of time. I think I owe 3 cycling entries which I will have to lump together somehow, maybe late tomorrow night.

Mobile is GOOD!
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This end of year stuff has been crazy, and I am leaving town without knowing if we are going to launch or not; it's right down to deadline. Before I left, I wanted to say thank you to my wonderful [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa author, who wrote me a lovely fairy tale called Ripples. I really enjoyed it, and loved the creativity behind it. So a thumb's up for the story from me!

Speaking of stories, I haven't managed to read anything from yuletide other than the texting squid and octopus one. I thought it was nice, but not really my thing; go you all for loving it so much. I downloaded about half of the top 50 hits from yuletide-- mostly avengers, calvin and hobbes, and doctor who crossovers-- so I have plenty to read. I also downloaded Mulan to my kindle fire so I'd have something to watch as well. I'll be back new year's eve, and pretty much consider catch up a lost cause. I'm going to start over fresh with the new year.

Have a happy few days, and I will see y'all when I get back!


Dec. 9th, 2011 09:59 pm
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I am up and around briefly after having to leave work early due to either food poisoning or a gastrointestinal virus. Needless to say, not writing, but you guys have been very entertaining. I'm gonna go crash now and try to pick up in the morning when I am feeling better.
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I was doing so well, too! Work is being very intense. We're in the process of creating a new OS for one of our front end Kiosks, and we have to launch by the end of the month to meet the bonus goals. So that's been pretty much eating my life. Well, that and getting the kid to finish his college applications...

In home news, we have completed the kitchen re-do that started with that whole ball-of-fire-in-the-oven thing last month. We still have to get a new microwave and redo the floors, but we have a new oven, new countertops, and a new gas stovetop. (Lar always wanted a gas stovetop.) Plus he painted and we paid Ev to change out the hardware on the cupboards and use wood oil/cleaner on them, so everything looks spiff right now. It is tres awesome, even if it wasn't all done in time for thanksgiving. It turns out that you only need one induction burner and a smallish oven to make thanksgiving dinner, if you plan it out. I rocked at that this year. :)

Still head's down on yuletide, so I better get back to it. I also need to turn in my SGA santa story pretty so, so I guess I should track down that header information as well...
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One crazy weekend. We drove down to Portland late Thursday night, so that we could attend a visitation day at the University of Portland. (For those that don't know, my son is a senior in HS, so we have toured several colleges this fall. This was our last one.) It seems a very good school, though it's not my son's first choice. But the really fabulous thing about the trip wasn't the 21 gun salute or the black hawk helicopter landing for veteran's day. No, the really awesome thing was the surprise visit by Kunal Nayyar, aka "Raj" Koothrappali of "big Bang Theory" fame. He was a great speaker, talking about majoring in Business for his parents while taking acting classes for himself, and when asked if he did UP's study abroad program, his timing just shown in his response: "I'm from New Deli. This was my study abroad." A really awesome moment to be there and so much better than getting stuck in the "Occupy Seattle" protest march, which is what happened on the college visit the week before.

We did end up leaving early due to an accident at breakfast the next day. We had a table near the waffle table and this young Muslim mother walked passed prep area and something caught on her clothing; there was a clink, the sound of shattering glass, and I felt something hit my pants. I look down and see -- Red! Red! Red! Aggh, bleeding! -- before my intellect pulls a Gibbs and thwacks me upside the head. Duh. Strawberry Jam. The poor woman is heartily embarrassed, and whispers an apology at me, while I go to the prep area to see if they have some towels or something to clean up the mess. The jam soaks threw my shirt, my pants and my shoes, and I am laughing a the whole thing. It's the last set of clean clothes I have, and that's pretty much the end of our trip, but it was still a pretty nice break.


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