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I spent much of my Christmas holiday on the road with family, which was absolutely lovely! I'm ready for a rest day though, and has thus spent a little time with yuletide.

Women Who Run with Whywolves is my wonderful Adventure Time! present. Cake's voice is terrific, and I love how Prince Gumball is all science-y -- it's a romp in the genderswap universe. Plus Fionna is my best bud in this series, and she gets to spend some quality adventuring time with Marceline, the wonderfully emo and powerful vampire queen.

Marceline is the focus of several of the Adventure Time stories, and her back story with Simon/the Ice King is mined in most of the stories, at least a little bit, even if Bubblegum is her main squeeze, as in in Proper Names. Princesses All The Way Down is a little more shippy while Remember Me drops Bubblegum and stays with Marceline and the Ice King.

*Whew* That is one hard-working character there.

I also loved the crossover Wish Orbs Are Serious Lumping Business; Or, Donna Meagle Gets a Concussion I know nothing about Parks and Recreation, but I loved the tone of the piece and laughed aloud a couple of times. It's silly and cracked but very easy to follow.

And finally, for a complete change of tone and pace, I adored the "Person of Interest" story, Point of a Pistol. The character voices are spot-on, and the build-up as slow and precise as I could wish for. It's a solid little slash story that instantly made me want to re-read it.


Dec. 17th, 2012 09:35 pm
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I still need to do a final read-through and some last minute fussing, but the story is in now and I can take a deep breath. I hate titles and summaries.
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Dear Yuletide Author,

I admit it. I have cribbed a lot from my former yuletide letters. I love characters and world building, whether that world is a neighborhood just down the street or one hundreds of light years or centuries away. Make yourself happy and that'll make me happy too. There more generic info on what types of stories I like, but I didn't delve into the universes I picked this time. I figure you know the characters, and would enjoy seeing your take on them, whatever that may be.

Other thoughts under the cut. )
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This end of year stuff has been crazy, and I am leaving town without knowing if we are going to launch or not; it's right down to deadline. Before I left, I wanted to say thank you to my wonderful [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa author, who wrote me a lovely fairy tale called Ripples. I really enjoyed it, and loved the creativity behind it. So a thumb's up for the story from me!

Speaking of stories, I haven't managed to read anything from yuletide other than the texting squid and octopus one. I thought it was nice, but not really my thing; go you all for loving it so much. I downloaded about half of the top 50 hits from yuletide-- mostly avengers, calvin and hobbes, and doctor who crossovers-- so I have plenty to read. I also downloaded Mulan to my kindle fire so I'd have something to watch as well. I'll be back new year's eve, and pretty much consider catch up a lost cause. I'm going to start over fresh with the new year.

Have a happy few days, and I will see y'all when I get back!
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In the infinitely cool things list, I received not one but TWO adventure time stories. And if you guys aren't watching adventure time, then you do not know one of the cleverest shows on the air right now, next to venture brothers. The show itself is fast paced and smart, with bad puns and witty hijinx. It's set in a post-apolocypic earth, with Finn the Human and his best friend Jake the magical dog. There's a crazed, sweeny todd-like Princess Wildberry who, as a fruit, makes meat pies and uses meat to decorate her castle; the Candy people created by Princess Bubblegum, and some scary, evil pool toys. Seriously! If you are looking for light and clever PG rated cartoon fare, this is the place.

I, of course, fell for the genderswapped version of the main characters, Fionna and her best friend, the magical cat Cake.

So the first story I got Chop 'Til You Drop is a pure tale of adventure, much like the show episodes. With added zombies. I even forced my son to read it as he's a big adventure time fan, and he gave it a thumbs up too. It can be read by people who aren't fans of the show, and it'll give you a taste of what its all about.

The second story I got An Unfinished Manuscript deals with the meta aspect of the Adventure Time show, and the way that fans discover stuff about themselves when they start writing stories. It does require more indepth series knowledge than the first story, so I'm gonna put it in the paragraph below this though I am too lazy to cut it or white it out.

The Fionna and Cake episode had a tag that revealed that the Ice King, the nefarious antagonist to Finn and Jake, had trapped the two leads and forced them to listen to the genderswapped fanfic that he'd written about them. Which had some odd mary sue moments in it what with the Ice Queen and the slashy overtones, along with breaking down into terrible writing there at the end. It's a mashup of fandom, show, and fanfic tropes, and is fascinating -- as well as oddly thinky -- because of it.

Tomorrow I have set aside time to read my long SGA Santa story. I feel so bad for the author but I will be able to finish it tomorrow. I just have to crash tonight.
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I have some very lovely stories waiting for me at both Yuletide and SGA_Santa. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I will have time to read and comment today, though I am downloading what I can for my on the road travels. Thank you to my wonderful authors, and I will get a note to you as soon as I can.


Dec. 21st, 2011 06:14 pm
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Thank you to my wonderful last minute betas, Killa and elynross. I am going to reread it tomorrow to see if I missed anything critical, but for the moment, I am going to call it done. Yay.
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Oh. my. I am at BEARS! BEARS! BEARS! on my story. I wasn't able to write yesterday as work had a meltdown while I was at a doctors appointment (still looking good, yay!). So I still have that one last scene to do and I have promised myself I will get it done tonight. ::determined nod::

In other news, Ev received acceptances to two universities yesterday, western (or as he prefers to call it, the mages college at winterhold) and PLU, the college I graduated from. Since Western's his first choice, that's probably where he'll end up, but I want to get the financial aid letter first so we can compare costs.
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I have gotten beta comments back from my first reader, and she was spot on that I needed to add a couple of scenes. Need to get this all done today or tomorrow, and I should just squeak in right at the deadline following a proofing pass. I'm pretty excited about this story, as I think it will hold together well and it's turned into a story I needed to tell. Who knew when I got this assignment that it would turn into something that mattered deeply to me? Rock on, yuletide. Rock on.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I am terribly consistent and have cribbed a lot from former letters. I love characters and world building, whether that world is a neighborhood just down the street or one hundreds of light years or centuries away. Make yourself happy and that'll make me happy too.

Details under the cut - Adventure Time, Captain America, Singing in the Rain, and Haven )


Dec. 18th, 2010 10:09 pm
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Yay! I got my story posted. It's not the best thing on the planet, but it doesn't suck either. It's a solid middle of the road piece, and I hopefully don't have too many typos. I can let it set a bit and then go back and reread it. I always fear mixing up the letters of a character's name part-way through the story. It's embarassing, and yes, I have done it before.

But yay! Posted. Goodnight.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I love characters and world building, whether that world is a neighborhood just down the street or one hundreds of light years or centuries away. So make yourself happy and that'll make me happy too.

If you want more detail, I like to see what makes people tick, and I’m also a slash fan, so character-driven stories make me particularly happy. Friendship stories make me just as happy as explicit slash stories, so don't stress writing anything that makes you uncomfortable.

As far as the world building goes, it doesn't matter to me if that world is strongly series-related, science fiction, horror, or a complete fantasy. You can bring other characters into a story beyond the ones that I’ve chosen, and you can create your own characters if you like; you can also limit it to just the ones I’ve picked. Any way you want to work it, I’m good.

Story tropes that I like include: First times, teasing, banter, dark pasts, found families, self-realization, wistful regret, pining, old hurts, second chances, dreams, romance without schmoop, adventure, ass kicking, angst, exotic settings, outsider POV, wacky undercover situations, steampunk, horror, other worlds, whumpage, hurt/comfort, themes about trust and love.

I also have some dislikes: heavy illness (cancer, AIDS, etc), pregnancy, public humiliation/embarrassment, death or permanent disability. I'm not keen on first person POV or all dialog stories, though I am fine with a story narrated by an original character that examines the source characters. Heck, you don’t have to limit yourself to a human character if there’s something else that inspires you.

As far as the sex goes, I'm happy with fade to black or explicitly, luxuriously hot, and I'm not adverse to a little kink particularly of the bondage and domination variety. I’d prefer noncon be limited to mentions and not illustrated on-screen. Otherwise, whatever your comfort level, I'm fine with it. Just enjoy writing it, and I'm sure I'll love reading it.

Original Requests are under the cut. )
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I wrote Better Than A Dream for SaraJaye this year, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's The Simpsons, and SaraJaye asked for femslash between Lisa Simpson and Juliet Hobbes, set years from now, when they are both in college.

And in an amazing dash of synchronicity, she also asked for no porn. Guys, she asked for PG rated femslash! ::flails hands excitedly:: It's my natural environment! I was so excited to get the request that I'd caplock, but it might be undignified.

Anyway, it thrilled me to write balls out romance, no stopping for go, no collecting $200. There's a wiff of angst in it, but not much, and writing it made me very happy. It's something I would never have done on my own, but writing it turned out to be as much of a gift for me as I think it was for its recipient.

I also want to say thank you to my two gift writers, Merriman for Breathe, my Lark/Rosethorn treat, and AntigravityDevice, who wrote my main Alan/Billy story, In The Blink of A Thunderbird. It was utterly awesome to be able to read both of these on Christmas day, and thank you both for writing a story for me.


Dec. 25th, 2009 12:22 pm
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::Whew:: I finally have a change to breathe before heading out of town. So naturally, I had to check the email to see what I got for yuletide. I was one of the people stuck in the missing 'my gifts' link limbo, so I'd been expecting only the one present, as I had searched the archive for my pseud in the proper format -- rachael sabotini (wickedwords) -- and only seen the one. Imagine my delight to get two emails this morning, one under the fully attributed pseudonym and one under plain ol' wickedwords. It was a complete surprise, and a big delight. Thank you so much to both of my authors, and {{big hugs}} to go along with it.

My main story is In The Blink of A Thunderbird, Jurassic Park III fandom, Alan/Billy (not to be confused with the AO3 archive's Jurassic Park fandom, which has Alan, but no Billy). There's a little mystery and the beginnings of romance as Alan and Billy track down what is being called a 'Thunderbird' in Arizona. They didn't plan on it, but you know how these things happen around Alan Grant.

Breathe is my treat story, based on the Emelan universe by Tamora Piece (the "Circle of Magic" fandom on the old yuletide site). It's a first meeting story between Lark and Rosethorn, back before the women are both mages--heck, before Lark has figured out she has magic, and Rosethorn has taken her dedicate name. I'm a sucker for this type of story--I love to see my favorite characters meet, which is part of why I think I like AUs--and Rosethorn was just as grumpy I could wish, and just as competent too.

As far as the archive goes, I hear that commenting is an issue, but I found that by opening up a second tab with the 'add comments' link, I was able to leave a note for both authors.

I'm going to screen comments on this entry, in case anyone wants to play the "guess the story" game. Hints I can give you are:

  1. I've never written in this fandom before

  2. It's a TV based fandoms

  3. It's not a new fandom
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There. I think I am done with the shopping. I had to pick up some tape to wrap presents with, and before you know it, I was picking up paper and boxes, and oh! another little present, and so on and so forth. Evan and I had a lovely lunch together, and shopped separately, which was awesome. I am so glad that he's old enough to be able to mall it by himself.

So now I need to do laundry and other home things, but man. I just want to play video games or watch tv or read LJ. I do finally have a draft of the 3ships story, so that's a yay! I wish I had the wherewithal to be able to write a yuletide madness snippet, but such is not to be.
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And 1700 stories uploaded. My story is in there, but it took me a few edits to get the header all fixed. I am on pins and needles waiting to see how close we come to the having everything uploaded.
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My yuletide story is done, but I am stressing over my 3ships story now. I think I have one or two scenes to write, but I really want to have the draft done Monday so I can send it out for beta. What was I thinking, signing up for two exchanges this year? I'm going to need to push it to get this story done.

In other news, I've had a pretty good week. Last Thursday I kept muttering to myself "and I don't have to do chemo today", which was utterly awesome and amazing. I'm still tired, and my muscles are incredibly tight, such that standing for any length of time or just doing some easy stretches is a chore, but...I am done, done, done with chemo, and I'll manage. Friday I met with the radiation oncologist, and did the planning run plus got my tiny little pinprick tats; I start rads on 12/28, and treatment will run until mid-February. So I get almost a two week break! And it looks like Escapade is a plan, so I made the hotel reservations too.

The big thing for me is that I had the borg implant removed on Monday, which was a joyous event. I opted for the IV sedation, rather than just having a local, and slept the afternoon away after. It occasionally aches, and it will for awhile, but I am so happy to be done with that, just knowing it's gone makes the day better.
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I received some lovely snowflake cookies for my LJ profile. Thanks go to Anonymous, [personal profile] trelkez, [personal profile] geeklite, and [personal profile] trobadora for the surprise gifts. Really, guys, no one ever gives me this sort of stuff, and it made me really happy to get them.

Also of the cool surprises, [personal profile] sherrold put our names in the fanvid meme that [personal profile] sdwolfpup has been hosting. Our thread is here, and it has been neat to see what everyone had said about our vids.

And speaking of vids, we got the award banners for the 2008 SGA and SG1 music vid awards:

Plus I finished off Mininannowrimo by writing every day for the entire month. So I now have a rough draft of my yuletide story, which is a yay! My 3ships story, however, still has a lot of work to go.
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I'm very excited, as it's right up my alley. I think. I hope? Oh, man. Yuletide.
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I have been writing! I have already managed to make the minimum on my 3ships story, which is good as next week is my final chemo treatment (YAY!) and soon the yuletide assignments will be out. I'll probably have to set this one aside at that point so I can work on the earlier deadline, but even though what I have written doesn't stand on its own, I am still happy to have a couple of scenes done.

I've also realized that I fail at website updates. I'm not sure that I have posted any of the stories that I have written this year. (not that I have written that many, but you know...) I'm thinking of posting them to the AA03 archive, since it's in open beta now. Oh! And if anyone wants an invite, I have one for that, along with my bazillion dreamwidth codes.

Still behind in every TV show I am watching, and way behind in reading. I need a month just to read fanfic, you know?


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