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Think good thoughts!

I have an in person interview tomorrow with a client.  It's the second one I've had this month, and I would love to land something. The last two weeks have been pretty barren which I attribute to political fear.  Things are moving forward now, and I'm hearing back from recruiters, which is making me a lot happier, even though nothing has yet worked out.

Fact is, I am not committed to full time work. The odd contract, sure, but I'm not looking for a forever home. We need to finish our backyard cottage, and once that happens, we are thinking about renting it out on AirB&B / VRBO for a while.  It may be that I decide to become a hotelier and property manager, but it's all up in the air right now.  We know layoffs are coming at Lar's work (formerly my work too), and that should be completed by the end of the month; I am kinda hoping that they let him go with the package as it has become a real cesspit. Every time I have lunch or coffee with someone still working at that place, I come away knowing I got the better end of the deal. 

It really, truly, absolutely sucks to be there. I am so glad I am out.
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Having escaped a dysfunctional office long ago, a few years back, I ran into my nominal supervisor there, who by then had also left. We had a reaonable conversation.

I knew the place was dysfunctional. I didn't know how dysfunctional.
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Good luck - Been there done that with the dysfunctional workplace. I could do with a job right now though.
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I am glad you are out! I hope a nice contract surfaces soon.