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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! I am so glad you found your way here. I cribbed this from former years, but if you are stuck, I hope this letter gives you some ideas for things you can write. If you have an idea for an AU or off-the-wall scenario or future fic that you are dying to see with the characters I asked for, go for it. I want you to have fun writing and not to stress it – I want you to enjoy yourself.

I’m a character-driven, relationship focused story fan, so if you stick with that – from a small friendship story to epic romance – I will love it. I love all types of intimacy from gen to explicit erotica; my favorite kink is D/s, and I also like hurt/comfort, just not of the illness kind.

I love worldbuilding, and all of the fandoms I’ve asked for involve rich worlds to explore. You can also build yourself a new one with alternate histories and timelines, or make them all members of the same band. Feel free to bring in other characters if you want, including original characters; my selected characters should be the focus, but that doesn’t mean they are all alone in the world.

Tropes I love: First times, teasing, banter, dark pasts, found families, self-realization, wistful regret, pining, old hurts, second chances, dreams, adventure, ass kicking, angst, exotic settings, outsider POV, wacky undercover situations, steampunk, horror, other worlds, whumpage, hurt/comfort, themes about friendship, trust and love. I'd also prefer a happy ending.

I do have some dislikes: heavy illness (cancer, AIDS, etc), pregnancy, public humiliation/embarrassment, death and permanent disability. I'm not keen on first person POV or all dialog stories, though I am fine with a story narrated by an original character, animal companion, or inanimate object.

I’ll try to give you a little more background on what I like in my chosen fandoms.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries : Phryne is my girl. I love her looks, her attitude and her innate desire to help others. Her relationship with Jack is one of my favorite things about the show as 'banter! banter! banter!' could be one of my favorite tag lines. Plus with both of them it's a 'second chance' story for me. Things that would work could include a dare that's a date, or something that involves some ass-kicking. Prefer for Jack to be the one hurt in a hurt/comfort scenario, if you go that route.

I'm happy to have any of the other characters in the story, but I really want it to focus on Phryne and Jack. I think they have serious chemistry, and I love the way she handles him.

Killjoys (TV) : I think Dutch is fantastic, and I want to know more about her. I'm also very interested in their relationship, whether you want to go with 'found families' or a more intimate act. Their universe is worth exploring, and I'm happy to see where you take them.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) : I admit that this one really hit my 'everything old is new again' vibe. The old version and the new are someone intertwined in my head, so this isn't a canon-based fandom for me, and I'd love to see this taken in a more SF bent. You could also do a Steampunk-ish AU with this, which could be really fascinating. Any tack you want to take is fine by me, but I would like to have this slashed.

Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells : I love the universe, I love the characters, and I'd love to see Shade visit some with Jade and Moon. Maybe a visit somehow caused by the birth of Moon and Jade's clutch?

Enjoy writing your story and I'm sure I'll love reading it. All of the details are optional, and I’m happy to leave specifics up to you. Like I said, I love these characters and I'll love whatever you choose to write in any of these fandoms. I'm really looking forward to it!
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