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I've updated a couple of things on my site. I added the drabble I wrote sometime back in April 2004, I think, for "McTabby's Cat Birthday": Sisterly Love. I also updated Michelle's Slashy Movie Reviews for the first time in an age. Go, check them out.
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Ack! I'm not quite ready. Really, once I saw this icon, I was very inspired. Rather than the 250 words I'd planned on (250! I can do 250!) I maxed out my 750 word limit. Thanks to LAT for the Isn't It Iconic? Challenge

This is for [livejournal.com profile] isiscolo, and I hope she likes it.

Beta by [livejournal.com profile] elynross. I'm afraid there was no brit checker for this. All mistakes are my own.

No money made, no harm intended.

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This one was originally written for X's bystander zine, where stories were to be told from the POV of someone outside of the relationship characters. I did one for HP, with the POV as Neville, and one for HL, where the POV character was original. Both stories were inspired by X's wonderful art.

Letter Home )
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Summary: Neville visits an injured friend.

Small Kindness
By rachael sabotini

Thanks to millefiori for betaing this. I make no money, no profit, and no sense.

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