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One crazy weekend. We drove down to Portland late Thursday night, so that we could attend a visitation day at the University of Portland. (For those that don't know, my son is a senior in HS, so we have toured several colleges this fall. This was our last one.) It seems a very good school, though it's not my son's first choice. But the really fabulous thing about the trip wasn't the 21 gun salute or the black hawk helicopter landing for veteran's day. No, the really awesome thing was the surprise visit by Kunal Nayyar, aka "Raj" Koothrappali of "big Bang Theory" fame. He was a great speaker, talking about majoring in Business for his parents while taking acting classes for himself, and when asked if he did UP's study abroad program, his timing just shown in his response: "I'm from New Deli. This was my study abroad." A really awesome moment to be there and so much better than getting stuck in the "Occupy Seattle" protest march, which is what happened on the college visit the week before.

We did end up leaving early due to an accident at breakfast the next day. We had a table near the waffle table and this young Muslim mother walked passed prep area and something caught on her clothing; there was a clink, the sound of shattering glass, and I felt something hit my pants. I look down and see -- Red! Red! Red! Aggh, bleeding! -- before my intellect pulls a Gibbs and thwacks me upside the head. Duh. Strawberry Jam. The poor woman is heartily embarrassed, and whispers an apology at me, while I go to the prep area to see if they have some towels or something to clean up the mess. The jam soaks threw my shirt, my pants and my shoes, and I am laughing a the whole thing. It's the last set of clean clothes I have, and that's pretty much the end of our trip, but it was still a pretty nice break.


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