Dec. 7th, 2011

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I was doing so well, too! Work is being very intense. We're in the process of creating a new OS for one of our front end Kiosks, and we have to launch by the end of the month to meet the bonus goals. So that's been pretty much eating my life. Well, that and getting the kid to finish his college applications...

In home news, we have completed the kitchen re-do that started with that whole ball-of-fire-in-the-oven thing last month. We still have to get a new microwave and redo the floors, but we have a new oven, new countertops, and a new gas stovetop. (Lar always wanted a gas stovetop.) Plus he painted and we paid Ev to change out the hardware on the cupboards and use wood oil/cleaner on them, so everything looks spiff right now. It is tres awesome, even if it wasn't all done in time for thanksgiving. It turns out that you only need one induction burner and a smallish oven to make thanksgiving dinner, if you plan it out. I rocked at that this year. :)

Still head's down on yuletide, so I better get back to it. I also need to turn in my SGA santa story pretty so, so I guess I should track down that header information as well...
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Just in case anyone is interested, I do give blanket permission to podfic my work. You'll need to take collaborations up with the other authors, but as for myself, we are good to go. Please let me know about it when you're done.


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